10 Best Of Kenyan Tiktok Videos Stars Compilation [ #1 FUNNY KENYA Tiktok]

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Best Tiktok Video in Kenya by Views & Engagement

If you are a tiktok videos fanatics, you might have come across various of funny videos of Kenyans lip-synching popular songs or dancing their hearts outWell, gone are the days of engaging in long boring social media posts; tiktok videos have reinvented how people communicate and interact on social media. Tiktok app, provides its users with fantastic video filters and world-class cinematography production tools.

Here is our top Kenyan Tiktok videos compilation based on number views and engagement; Watch Funny Tiktok videos on YouTube

1.  Aziad Naisenya


Aziad became an internet sensation after her popular dance cum lip-synch of the secular song ‘Okonkwo.’ Since then, she has amassed a following of 668, 000 a figure which keeps growing daily.

Apart from dancing, Aziad also performs karaokes.

Here is one of the most viewed tiktok videos on Aziad’s timeline; 2.2 million views.

2.  Sukeyna


If the followers and views are anything to go by, then Sukeyna is one of the most popular tik tok Kenya video producers. She has 364,000 followers, and her videos have more than 3 Million likes.                                          Here is an amazing tiktok video from Sukyena that got 2 million views.

3.  Elsa Majimbo

@elsa.majimbo Elsa Majimbo is the girl who went abroad. The fantastic young comedian has earned herself 173 000 followers on Tiktok. She produces diversified content for her fans who have viewed the videos over 1.6 million times. If you don’t believe it, have a look at this Elsa’s Tiktok video that garnered 2.3 million views.

4. Flaqo Raz


Flaqo has won the hearts of many Kenyans with his creative, rib-cracking, comedy videos. His ability to act different personalities of Mama Otis, Baba Otis, Otis, Akoth and even baby Otis is unrivaled in the sector.  To date, he has amassed 202.1K followers and his content has received 1.7M likes.                                                  Here is the most viewed Flago’s  Tiktok video with 1.6M views


@afrobeatswithkamau The self-proclaimed CEO of Latinos in Africa, the Afro Beats by Kamau, has a whopping 285.5k followers and over 4.5M likes thanks to his unique afro beats music, vlogs, mimics and tik tok challenges. Here is one of his major video content; with over 300k views

We said let’s give you guys a MUSIC VIDEO 🔥🎥 from #kenya 🇰🇪 with love DC: @samiraah__ the baddest 👑 @joisij_smile @stephenvodasalano ♬ original sound – Samirah Wanjiku

6.  Poly Wachira

@polly_wachirah                                                               First look at Poly, and you wouldn’t believe she has more than 165 000 followers on tik tok.                                                               As her bio trademark goes, ‘Just a regular degular shmegular girl,’ Poly is a regular girl that produces top-notch content. Her Tiktok videos, which have over 3.7 million views, are diverse, bringing out her clear multi-talented personality.

7.  Ruthie

@rexxie Ruthie is one of the most prominent Kenyan Tiktok influencers with over 253k followers. Her videos alone have garnered more than 1.5 million likes. Ruthie stands out as her content is overly unique, focusing on modern hair techniques and natural hair advocacy.

8.  Cindy

@cindyk003                                                               Cindy is the Tiktok Kenyan star for dance lovers. Her 183 000 followers and the 1.4 million likes on her videos is a clear testimony to her Tiktok prowess.

9.  Avril Kenya

@theavieway   Avril is a famous musician who represents tik tok Kenyan musicians. She performs lip-synch, funny short clips, and brilliant mimics.                                                               Avril has 103 000 followers on tik tok with 900 k likes on her Tiktok videos. If you thing you have seen it all from Avril, then you haven’t watched this tiktok video;

10. King Tammie

@King-tammie Tammie is another Tiktok Videos queen in Kenya who takes part in various challenges, dances, and mimics. She has 70 000 followers and more than 1.3 million views on her videos. Have a look at her baby-belly video on the link below;

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