10 Instagram Marketing Tips For Your Business.

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 Instagram marketing tips for small businesses.

Instagram marketing is a social marketing strategy of using Instagram to grow your brand awareness, audience, leads, and sales. 

In this article, you are going to learn how to do Instagram marketing and make more online sales for your business. 

Here are 10 best Instagram marketing tips to help your business grow online leads to sales.

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Instagram marketing strategy for small business in Kenya. 

1. Switch to a Business Account.

First and foremost, you need to switch to a Instagram business account which offers access to several Instagram marketing advantages you can’t get with a personal account. The account has its own set of benefits that includes:

  •     Instagram ads.
  •     Call-to-action button and contact information on the profile.
  •     Instagram Insights.
  •     Instagram shopping.

Hop back and convert your account status if you’re yet to do so!

2. Create a Brand Narrative with Instagram Stories.

Upload off-the-cuff videos and images to your Instagram stories to create a fantastic user experience. Marketing gurus say that there is nothing good as a compelling story. So, make an effort to create new videos that will create a buzz for at least 24 hours. When you have compelling Instagram stories, it becomes one of the best Instagram marketing tools to build a compelling brand narrative.

3. Schedule and Post at the Right Time

Are you aware that the right time to post on Instagram varies? You don’t need to tiptoe around it overstocking the feed! Social media marketing is needlessly time-consuming if you lack a strategy. You need to know when to post and prepare enticing content for that purpose. You have to identify your audience and decide on the right time when they are on the app.

4. Run Instagram Ads to a Product Page.

One of the most straightforward ways to drive followers into your business is by creating ads that link to your e-commerce store. Post a photo of your products with the click-through link and a call to action caption (if lead generation is the goal). You can consider adding discounts and promotional offers to make the deal enticing. This tip can also work well in Instagram marketing for restaurants to introduce new and signature foods.

5. Create Video Contents.

This is the ripe time for brands to tell their stories by running Instagram videos. Video marketing is the best way to connect with followers. Share engaging stories like new releases, new additions in your product line, and some secrets about the products you offer that will wow your followers. With such a significant user base, everyone expects Instagram to be the perfect connection to the global audience. However, creating an Instagram video requires a Digital marketing specialist to make it a success.

6. Partner with Influencer for a Wider Reach.

If you want a backdoor reach to your potential customers, identify Instagram marketers for hire who already have a large following and partner with them. People will trust you based on what the influential people they follow will post on their feed or simply their Instagram marketing analytics. If you partner with the right influencers, you will quickly get your brand to an entirely new level.

7. Use SEO to “Milk” Instagram.

For your business to become competitive, it should have an SEO strategy such that the @name in your account profile will quickly tell the industry your business is operating. The most important thing is ensuring that the content you post is keyword sensitive. Embracing this Instagram marketing best practice can positively impact your handle and account.

8. Nail Instagram Contests.

Running contest or giveaways is among the best Instagram marketing ideas if you want to increase engagement and gain more followers. People love different contests, and with that, you can create a unique hashtag and incentivize it with your brand. You can run contests like sweepstakes, giveaways, “like” contest, and comment contest. The results are always fantastic as the contests will amass a lot of buzz and Instagram submissions.

9. Sell Instagram Products.

Use Instagram for marketing your business. You can sell start-up products to your Instagram audience. Experiments with different techniques to milk from the innovation in this platform. Work on compelling descriptions, taglines, and high-definition images of your Instagram goods. Instagram is considered to be an amazing platform, especially for selling clothes and shoes.

10. Share User-Generated as Social Proof

This tip is a solution to two major problems- the inability to win consumer trusts and the inability to come up with winning content ideas. Since you will be sharing original content created by your customers, it will be social proof that customers are vouching for your services. You can create a branded hashtag and post the user-generated content on your profile. You can learn more from an Instagram marketing pdf guide here.

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