5 Best Digital Marketing Services in Kenya

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Digital Marketing Services in Kenya

In the digital world, online marketing is the best stop for virtually all businesses. Businesses people are now seeking professional internet marketing services to grow online leads, gain a competitive edge, and seek to grow their businesses. In Kenya, some of these services include search engine optimization, pay per click, content marketing, social media marketing, web design, and web development. 

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is simply a marketing method that aims at promoting products or services online, targeting internet users.

Why digital marketing?

while other traditional marketing strategies such as the use of TV, print, and radio are as well important components of your marketing strategy, what makes online marketing more impressive and cost-effective is its ability to target a specific audience. Using a number of strategies, it is possible to reach the target audience by location, age, gender, education, interests, personal information, etc.

According to Innovation for Poverty Action organization, IPA, (2020), the number of internet users in the globe has increased drastically. Using the internet today has become amazingly quick and convenient for many. Nowadays, people are going online more often, staying online for long durations, and doing a wide range of things online than before.

In Kenya, for instance, there is 87.2% internet penetration with more than 7 million users of different social media platforms (“Africa Internet Users, 2020 Population and Facebook Statistics”, 2020).

“The adoption of mobile technology and mobile internet has expanded rapidly in Kenya in recent years, facilitated by increased access to mobile broadband and the spread of low-cost smartphones and tablets” (“The Impact of Internet Connectivity in Kenya”, 2020).

Importance of digital marketing in Kenya

 Many businesses people are now leveraging on online marketing tactics to not only compete but also seek to grow their businesses.

Through online marketing, you can create a customer-led business where customers can participate through dialogue, express their interests, request products, provide comments, and give feedback. For instance, it is now easier than before to get a variety of products at your convenience through online shopping. In Kenya, shopping online is rapidly gaining traction. Online marketing has enabled businesses to reach more audiences and inspire them to interact and buy the products.

Also, through conducting Brand awareness campaigns, you can enhance brand recognition and ultimately boost sales of your products.

Which Businesses Need Digital Marketing services in Kenya?

If you are a business owner or wish to be one, perhaps you can ask yourself:

Is it possible to interact with your prospective customers and learn exactly what they are looking for?

Do you want them to know you personally?

Would you like your business to reach a global marketplace?

Can you reach more customers using cost-effective methods?

Is it possible to track your marketing efforts at any time?

Each business has specific goals. What is common, however, is that every business seeks to grow by reaching more customers to buy products or services the business offers.

The internet is such a powerful resource.

The truth is, all businesses, whether small, medium or large can eminently benefit from effective internet marketing strategies.

To understand why Digital marketing is worth your time and effort for your business:

  • There is a good chance that most of your prospective customers are online. Therefore, it makes your business accessible to your customers.
  • Most of your competitors are also online.
  • By engaging with your prospects you can learn more about your target customers’ needs, preferences, and trends. This presents a good opportunity to build a strong relationship and trust with them.

Why choose a digital marketing agency?

Let’s face it, any brand, product, or services that want to get ahead in the extant business environment will require an effective online marketing strategy. Unsure about how to go about coming up with a marketing strategy for your business?

You can seek help from marketing agency in Kenya like Akus Digital Solutions one of the leading digital agencies in Nairobi. The online marketing consultants are well versed in assessing and applying marketing principles and models to help you:

  • Draw up an outline marketing strategy and plan for your business,
  • Implement customer-driven online marketing assets and enhance your marketing.
  • Recommend the best practices for reaching and engaging your target audiences using online marketing platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Here are the top 5 digital marketing services in Kenya that you can use to make your business grow online leads.

1. SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is one way of gaining a competitive advantage for your business where prospective customers look for particular products. If done right, SEO enables you to rank highly in the organic search results pages for the search terms your users are looking for, hence enhancing your website’s visibility. SEO Experts employ strategies such as effective use of keywords, on-page optimization, external linking, internal link structure, and user behavior to enhance website visibility and therefore improve traffic to your site.

2. Pay Per Click (PPC)

Is another way to send traffic to your website where every time an ad is clicked, the visitor is sent to the website. The advertiser pays a fee for the clicked ads. In light of google search engine’s popularity and relatively high traffic it gets, you can use google ads to carry out PPC campaigns. SEO experts can help you come up with creative and quality ads, apt PPC keywords, optimize your landing page, and improve your Quality Score.

3. Social media Marketing

According to Internetworldstats.com (2020), there are over 7 million subscribers to different social media platforms in Kenya.  As Social media continues to gain ground in the country, consumers and marketers are finding it useful in online marketing and shopping since it offers many opportunities for sharing ideas, contents, and product recommendations. Given the transformation that social media can offer, different social media platforms such as social networks, social streaming, social search, social blogging, etc., are being harnessed to encourage target prospects and customers to interact with and create user-generated content. Therefore, an effective social media marketing strategy is a very important component in marketing is understanding what social media is delivering in line with your business goals.

Find out how social media advertising can help your business to grow online leads and generate more revenue.

4. Web design and web development

A good starting point to sell your products or services, to solve clients’ problems, and to grow your business online is having a website. Having just a website may not be enough. In this era of internet marketing, a carefully designed and quality website for your business is paramount to succeeding online. Remember your website is where prospects or customers see what you are offering. It is where you show your professionalism, expertise as well as where you build your reputation. Your website gives visitors the first impression. Accordingly, this is an area that should be taken seriously to inspire visitors’ trust and confidence in the business.

Web design and web development should, therefore, feature prominently in your marketing strategy. A well-designed website should be user friendly, search engine optimized, and conversion-optimized. Web design in Kenya is gaining root owing to the need of many businesses to succeed in the digital world. Most businesses going online are now seeing how crucial web design and development can be. For effective marketing efforts, the Website should be appropriately designed, implemented, and maintained constantly.

A web development expert in Kenya can help you achieve a strong online presence to grow online leads.

5. Content marketing

Content marketing as the heart of internet marketing activities that aims to engage and persuade your audience. Quality content seamlessly and effectively links digital media for content distribution with digital platforms. Good content appeals to both the target users and the search engine. This promises visibility of your web page and ultimately boost traffic.