5 Best Digital Marketing Strategies and Tools

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Digital Marketing Strategies & Tools

Just started a business but happens to be less acquainted with various digital marketing strategies that would help catapult its online presence? There is no doubt that it has become like a ritual for businesses to utilize digital marketing methods in order to increase online brand visibility. Here comes a list detailing a number of digital marketing strategies and  of the tools to promote your business online

1. Website Design 

For increased brand visibility as a result of ranking on search engines like Google and Bing, you need a website that stands out and presents your brand distinctively. There are tools that help manage, monitor and track the performance of a website. Below are perfect examples of website tools.

Google Analytics. A free tool that generates results on general website performance in terms of keywords usage, user demographics, etc.

Seo Yoast. It is a tool that helps to inform Google and Bing what your site is all about so that it can be ranked accordingly. In addition,  this tool can help you create effective meta descriptions and incorporate high performing keywords in titles.

• GetClicky. This is equally a great tool to analyze web traffic and its best feature is that you are able to witness as users navigate various parts of your website. This makes it easy to point out where their interest mostly lies.
• Google Search Console. An underutilized tool but still valuable when it comes to evaluating and analyzing a site’s performance on issues like total clicks and impressions garnered within a certain period of time.
Google Trends. Using this tool, you can rank keywords and watch how they perform against each other, even geographically within a particular period of time.

2. Content Marketing 

Content marketing is all about coming up with relevant information focusing on what your brand has to offer. In addition, it provides targeted audience with valuable content that is made available to them through channels like social media platforms and blogs. Here are a number of tools used to simplify content marketing;

• Grammarly. If you need plagiarism-free content, correctly spelled words and perfect punctuation when creating content for targeted users, this tool can be very useful.

• Hubspot.  A one-in-all online business marketing tool that has other different tools designed to convert clients into sales.

• WordPress. Blogging is one of the most effective ways of availing content to potential customers and this platform can help you achieve that.

SEO Yoast. It provides the easiest way to optimize online content and earn user traffic.

3. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of getting online content optimized to appear on the front page of Google on search terms. That way, targeted users are highly likely to find it and click on it which results in an increase in user traffic, a move that helps generate sales. Below are some of the tools that help actualize and enforce SEO marketing strategy;

• Moz. This tool is vital in tracking and monitoring keywords ranking and links building.

• Google. This is the most popularly used search engine. It is therefore imperative for your online content to rank on Google if you want a majority of your targeted audience to find it. You can achieve that by using the right keywords.

SEMRush. You can easily track your competitors using this tool, which facilitates a thorough competitive analysis, enabling you to improve your site’s rankings.

Ahrefs. This tool enables easy tracking of keywords, backlinks, and anything else business owners or marketers need to know regarding what competitors are up to.

4. Social Media Marketing 

A significant percentage of the world’s population has accounts in various social media platforms, especially Facebook which are easily accessible through mobile apps. To reach out to a wider audience, you need share worthy content that later result to desired web traffic. Some of the tools used in the realization of social media marketing include;

• Hootsuite. One of the most reliable tools of managing, monitoring and tracking social media channels.

  •  Sproutsocial. It enables brands to manage and engage prospective customers on social media

  • Buffer. You can easily manage all your social media accounts at once using this tool, where you are able to schedule posts

5. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a digital marketing method that is effective when it comes to engaging customers and potential directly. Besides having a list of targeted clients, for email marketing to successfully result in impressive open rates and CTR, there is a need for email optimization. The following tools are vital in email marketing campaigns;

• Mailchimp. Its usability feature makes it the perfect email marketing tool for starters to make use of. It helps generate useful email marketing campaign results such as average open rates and click rates. 

• Sendinblue. A tool that facilitates easy email subscribers management as well as tracking email campaign results such as CTR.

• Marketo. This is a software/tool that automates marketing tasks for business owners and facilitates easy assessment of workflows.