5 Easy Steps to Sell Items on Facebook Marketplace

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Facebook Marketplace is a great way for small business to buy and sell items locally with people in your area. However,  you have to figure out how Facebook Marketplace works to find success with your Facebook Marketing.  If you want to the tips on Facebook marketing for small business using FB Marketplace,  then this blog post is for you! 

Here are 5 easy steps to follow to ensure your Facebook Marketplace ads get the best results. 

How to Create Facebook Marketplace 

Step One: Create a Listing

To start, you will need to create an attractive listing for your item on the Facebook Marketplace. With this list of five easy steps, we recommend including as much information about what you’re selling in order to help buyers make educated decisions about whether or not they want it. 

For instance, Facebook Marketplace cars ads should includes photos showing all angles of the cars, a complete description, and other relevant information.

To create a listing, click Marketplace in the left menu from your News Feed.

An image explaining what is facebook marketplace and how does it work

Alternatively, go directly to https://web.facebook.com/marketplace/ on your computer. And then click on create a new listing.

How to create a facebook marketplace kenya

An image showing how to create a Facebook Marketplace Kenya. 

Then choose the type of listing based on what you are selling.

How to create the marketplace facebook cars

An image showing how to choose Facebook Marketplace Kenya listing

If you want to create Facebook Marketplace Cars listing, click on Vehicle for Sale.

Step Two: Post Photos of The Item

Photos can make or break any listing on Facebook Marketplace app, so it is important that you post as many high-quality photos from different angles as possible before posting the listing.

An image showing facebook marketplace how to sell

This includes close-up shots and pictures showing more than just one side of an item to show what buyers might expect if they purchase this particular product. 

We recommend about five-eight total images per listing.

But again personal preference will dictate which number works best for you based on how much time you have available to spend creating social media posts or other marketing material while working towards your goals. 

You may also upload videos of items – these require at least two minutes of content and should be filmed in a horizontal position.

Step Three: Set The Price Tag

An image showing how to set price tags on Facebook Marketplace

The price tag is an important element in any listing – you want to make sure that it’s not too high or too low so as to attract buyers who are looking for something similar at either extreme. 

While there isn’t one perfect pricing strategy, we recommend taking into consideration your budget (as well as how much time you’re willing to spend selling) when deciding what number best fits your needs. 

As a rule of thumb, try posting items for about 30-50% off regular retail prices if possible, but also keep in mind that this will depend on demand for particular items and personal preference. 

We always recommend finding out what other sellers in your area are selling the same item for to set a fair price.

Step Four: Sell Items Through Facebook Marketplace

Now that you have got an attractive listing, it is time to post the item on the Facebook marketplace so other people can purchase your product! 

You’ll need to make sure that all necessary information is included within the caption as well – this includes items being sold for cash only (or shipping costs if applicable) with no returns or refunds given. 

We also recommend including contact details like phone numbers and email addresses which buyers might want before making their decision to buy from your page. 

This helps ensure that there are no issues later down the line when they are trying to reach out about something more specific related to what was purchased from your profile on this platform.

Step Five: Follow Up With Buyers

Lastly, it is important to follow up with buyers after they’ve purchased the item from your Facebook Marketplace listing – not only is this polite and respectful of their purchase but it also helps ensure that there are no problems or issues down the line when communicating on social media platforms (especially if you’re selling an expensive product). 

This includes asking for feedback about what they think about your products as well as how far they live away so you can work towards meeting them to complete any transactions in person.

We always recommend starting off by sending a text message out at least 24 hours before trying to make contact anywhere other than within Facebook Messenger itself, which is often too time-consuming for sellers who have busy schedules outside of their work hours.

Packaging The Item Properly

Once you’ve made the sale, it is important to package up your item and ship it out as soon as possible so that buyers can enjoy what they purchased in a timely fashion! 

This also helps ensure that there are no issues when dealing with customer service or complaints about shipping times later on – which is especially helpful if you’re selling large items like furniture or other home decor pieces. 

We recommend using sturdy boxes (including making sure that all flaps are taped down securely) and filling any gaps within the box itself with packing peanuts or bubble wrap before putting anything inside for safe transport anywhere from one location to another. 

Once everything has been placed in the appropriate section, it’s important to seal the box with tape from each of the seams in order to keep everything intact while shipping.

Tips to make more sales fast on the Facebook marketplace

a). Post with photos

Make sure that you’re posting items to Facebook Marketplace with photos as soon as you have them (you can upload pictures in the editing section of your profile or make a separate album for it) and before long there will be plenty more potential buyers who are interested in what you have available. 

b). Use hashtags

We also recommend using hashtags related to the product type, such as “#furniture” when selling furniture on this page – which helps people find relevant listings without having to search through all possible posts across their entire timeline or within News Feed by clicking “See All”.

Posting quality images is important because they do not automatically show up right away! 

You’ll need at least five total high-resolution photographs per listing and should never post more than twelve pictures total in order to ensure that people are able to see what you have for sale quickly and easily without scrolling through a bunch of other posts.

c). Highlight the qualities of your item

Show off the good qualities about your item – whether it’s brand new or used, show buyers why they might want to purchase this product from you! 

This includes any additional features not mentioned within the description as well as complimentary items like bedding sets which can be sold separately if desired or even shipped alongside an entire bedroom set with no extra shipping charges (which is especially helpful when selling furniture).

Wrapping up

Be sure to use all five steps outlined above when posting listings on Facebook Marketplace and following up afterward so that there are no issues later down the line. If someone doesn’t respond to your message within 24 hours, try sending them a text or calling their phone instead – you never know what might have happened and this can be much easier for sellers when they’re busy at work!

This is the easiest way to grow your online store in Kenya.