6 Most Profitable Online Businesses Ideas You Can Start Today

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Profitable Online Business Ideas in Kenya

If you ever thought of starting a profitable online marketing business, there’s no time like the present. We are in a golden digital era of wealth where online business ideas in Kenya continue to grow at double-digit rates. What’s more, online businesses requires much less risk than investing in a downtown office or other brick and mortar business. If you’re wondering how to make money online, here are 6 free online business ideas you can start today.

1. Create an eCommerce Store.

One of the best ways to earn online income in Kenya is by creating an e-commerce website. However, it’s not easy by any means. You have to develop a unique niche and apply the right marketing techniques to stand out amongst the big number of online stores and e-commerce websites. There are digital agencies that offer e-commerce website designing in Kenya at a fair price.

2. Social Media Marketer.

Social media consulting in Kenya is an integral area where anyone can capitalize on. Many large corporations are willing to outsource the social marketing task to corresponding agencies; thus, it’s a great opportunity for social media fanatics. As a social media marketer, you can effectively steer the businesses in the right direction concerning growing followers, building relationships, and increasing website exposure. With the right tactics, Facebook marketing in Kenya can help the company reach the desired audience. Besides, Instagram marketing in Kenya has also become among the most effective ways to build an audience. Bundle up attractive offers and encompass everything around social media to win the attention of the clients.

3. Professional Freelancer.

The digital world has broken down geographical and physical barriers meaning that people can remain productive wherever they are. With so many freelancing sites to explore, freelancing has achieved a constant growth of the possible touch-points to explore. More to this, the rewarding and the entirely flexible situation of freelancing makes it a worthwhile online job in Kenya. Article writing in Kenya has become the most sought out online job. More than ever, writers are needed to create content, formulate articles, and develop creative ideas for websites. Writing experience is helpful, but you need the ambition and the hard work to become a well-paid professional freelancer.

4. Online Marketing.

SEO consulting is Kenya has increasingly grown as a highly-valued skill in online marketing. That being said, Google is continuously changing its algorithms, and thus, for a website to rank higher, it must be updated with the latest rules of the search engine. You can establish an SEO consulting Agency in Kenya by mastering SEO and being on the leading edge, learning and testing new SEO strategies on behalf of other businesses. As online marketing grows, not only is SEO going to be more competitive but also more lucrative. You can easily capitalize on the industry and become a search engine optimization expert in Kenya.

5. Vlogger/Youtuber.

Vlogging on YouTube is no longer considered a hobby but a new way of earning a considerable income. YouTube entrepreneurs are sharing the spoils of the boom in this venture. If you enjoy sharing tips, becoming one of the YouTube content creators in Kenya is a great choice. The sky is just about the limit when choosing the type of content, you want to relay. No matter the niche, you need to create an audience, and you’re up and going. Before you take a shot at vlogging, it’s recommended that you watch some of the viral videos in Kenya and see how the content creators can get viewers.

6. Blogger.

A straightforward idea that would take up to 1 hour of your time can pay your bills. You can start a blog as a business and create compelling content by finding emotional, educative, funny, and inspirational stories and publishing them on your site. The good thing is that you only need to surf through social sites and get an idea of exciting topics trending online. With a bit of promotion on sites like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and eventually your organic traffic, your website should pull a considerable revenue. You can get your business off the ground by choosing a package on sites that provide hosting services. Create exciting content and monetize the site with AdSense to get some income.

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