7 Best Ways to Promote Online Courses or Coaching Business (With Great Results)

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Promote Online Courses.

Like any online-based business, online learning courses also require aggressive online marketing to acquire new learners and make sales. It is crucial to have a proactive marketing strategy to promote online courses successfully.

Several channels and tools can help yield positive results when utilized well. At the end of well-run promotion campaigns, you should be able to increase digital visibility for your online courses and enroll new students.

Below are Best 9 ways to promote online courses;

1. Promote online courses on social media

Social media marketing plays a significant role in building brand visibility and generating sales. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the magic of using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Instagram to market online courses. Make it easy for visitors to understand your course by editing your bio with relevant and brief details on each platform. 

It would help if you also considered placing your site’s link on your bio for easier access to your main site. Bring your students together by creating a private Facebook group where you can share the latest updates and resources with them and also get involved in conversations.

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2. Create a website for online training courses

A website is a visual representation of the service you are rendering. Your targeted learners should feel at home when they browse through the web pages. Learners should be able to access all resources and materials with ease. Most importantly, a course sales page or a landing page should be navigable with call-to-action offers. 

It is also essential to ensure your online course website is SEO responsive. You can hire a professional digital marketing agency to help you create an SEO-ready site with all information there is about your course.

3. Email marketing to promote online courses.

Grow an email list of potential learners likely to show interest in your online course. Once you have the list, strive to deliver compelling email copies to every contact as a way to nurture leads and drive sales. Pay more attention to delivering valuable content instead of being pushy with sales to avoid losing potential customers. 

Below are some email marketing tips to promote online courses;

  • Sending welcome emails
  • Create discount offers 
  • Free learning tutorials and materials works 

Proceed to add links in your emails to redirect your potential customers to your website landing pages. Various email service providers or tools such as Mailchimp, Sendinblue, and HubSpot Email Marketing can help you pull off a successful email promotion for your online course. 

4. SEO to promote online courses

SEO is another way how to promote online training courses. Online marketing is never complete without SEO. It provides the best way to increase site traffic and generate qualified leads. With SEO, learners looking to buy an online course like yours will easily find your website if it ranks high on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

The use of quality content and relevant keywords is essential in ensuring ranking on first Search Engine Result Pages. You can rely on several SEO tools to run a successful SEO marketing campaign for your online course. 

  • Ahref
  • Semrush
  • Ubersuggest
  • Moz

Some of the SEO tools are available for free, while others have paid plans. 

5. Google ads to promote online courses. 

These ads are popular because the Google search engine has a broad audience reach compared to other search engines. You can bet on Google ads to generate qualified leads if you optimize your ads using competitive search terms related to your online training. 

The ads reach learners who are already looking to purchase an online course related to yours, hence creating higher chances of generating sales. Since Google ads appear just above organic results, you are guaranteed that your target audience will see your ad. Google ads are also economical because you only pay for clicks. 

6. Create referral programs for online learning courses. 

With this type of online learning promotion, you can have fellow business partners promoting your course or your students. In referral programs, incentives are offered when new clients are referred and absorbed successfully. Students make the best referrals in this case because they are the recipients of your online training. 

It is easier for them to share your online course with family and friends if their learning experience is positive. In another instance, you can partner with fellow online trainers to promote each other courses. Enrolling in other online learning referral programs is another way of generating leads and maximizing ROI. 

7. LinkedIn ads for online learning courses. 

LinkedIn is a social media platform that allows you to market your online course professionally. The platform is business-oriented, making it a reliable avenue to market your course. When signing up, LinkedIn users share data that enables you to create ads that target them. 

The information shared makes it easy for the platform to showcase your ads to a specific LinkedIn audience. The ads cut across potential customers and those who may not be actively looking for the course. Once you get several leads from LinkedIn, create a private group, add learners to the group, post-course updates, and accommodate discussions.


Above are some of the best ways to promote Online Courses and leverage on digital marketing strategies. However, some strategies require technical expertise and skills, and thus to get the desired ROI, we recommend you partner with an Online Course Marketing Agency.   A professional agency has the know-how and can effortlessly execute the promotion strategies successfully, producing desired results while saving your time to do what you do best.