7 Hotel Digital Marketing Strategy ( To Increase hotel booking Today)

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Top Best 7 Hotel Digital Marketing Strategies.

Hotel digital marketing is all about using digital platforms to advertise a hotel online. This is achievable through use of digital marketing strategy such as social media advertising on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Paid Search advertising, content marketing, among others. Your hotel stands to enjoy a strong online presence, but only if the mentioned above advertising strategies are well executed. In this articles, we’re going to share with you 7 powerful hotels digital marketing strategy to increase hotel bookings today.

The intensity of your hotel’s online presence depends on its ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). A top ranking hotel site attracts more clicks, hence more bookings. To earn quality clicks or clicks that convert to bookings on your hotel’s website, you need to work towards providing quality content, use SEO, improve visitors’ experience (ease of booking, price listing, reviews, etc.), among other internet marketing techniques.

Embracing Hotel digital marketing strategy is a sure way of staying ahead of competition, generating more revenue or even regaining lost revenue. Digital marketing has worked for other industries, and the hospitality industry is not an exception.

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The following are strategies that can be used in Hotel online marketing:

●    Google Hotel Listing

Top reasons why you should list your hotel business on Google is that it is the best platform for your customers to leave hotel reviews. Google My Business requires business owners to fill in a form or E-card with most crucial information about their business and then submit for verification.

Some of the information you should fill in as a hotel owner include the star category under which your hotel falls in, the hotel’s name, photos of your hotel, available facilities or amenities, location of the hotel, etc. Whenever your guests search for information related to your hotel, they should see your Google E-card with all the necessary details, one more reason you should work towards improving your site’s ranking.

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●    Have Your Hotel Website

Your hotel should have a running website where guests can make hassle-free bookings from. The website should basically have all the information pertaining to the hotel. Highlight the amenities available, rates, reviews, FAQs, contact information, etc. Create a webpage for each category. You also need to consider smartphone users (mobile users are many compared to desktop users) by creating a hotel mobile friendly website.

The site loading time should be standard to avoid high bounce rates. You are also required to optimize your website for impressive search engine rankings on SERPs. One sure way of ranking a hotel website on search engines like Google is through Search Engine Optimization.

●    Get SEO Done by Professional

The backbone of any website is quality SEO and if you need quality SEO services for your hotel website, you need to involve a professional who is conversant with Marketing in hotels. SEO will help your hotel site rank higher on search engines, attract quality clicks and finally, increase hotel revenue through fluid bookings. Focusing on local SEO is advised, as this increases the visibility of your website locally.

Mentioning specific places or landmarks on your website that appear on Google Maps and that are near your hotel is one way of executing local SEO. Don’t forget that SEO should be executed as per Google algorithm standards (avoid keyword stuffing) otherwise your site will not be ranked.

●    Run Google Ads

Google Ads and Google Hotel Ads are campaigns you can use to increase hotel website bookings. Each of the Hotels marketing strategy involves Google directing guests who conduct relevant searches to your website.

On Google Ads, you are supposed to work with a certain budget where you pay for every click your Ad gets. For effectiveness, the Ads should be precise, brief, and call for action. Google Hotel Ads on the other hand are designed to generate bookings. Guests have access to up-to-date details on hotel rates and bookings availability on Google Hotel Ads. They can also compare prices between platforms before arriving at a final decision.

●    Be on Social Media

The injustice you could do to your hotel business in this day and age is failing to have social media marketing strategy for your hotel. Creating Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter accounts for your hotel is a sure way of increasing its online visibility. Apart from creating socials for your hotel, engage your audience in all ways. Respond to both negative and positive criticism, offer timely explanations and clarifications when called upon.

Post clear pictures and videos accompanied by relevant captions and hashtags. Also, ensure that your message across all your platforms is consistent and uniform all while remaining unique amongst your competitors.

●    Leverage on Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is another type of Hotels marketing strategy, and a very effective one at that. The world of social media is thriving with influencers who are sought after by various businesses and brands to advertise on their behalf. A good number of social media users are more likely to trust a brand that is associated with an influencer they look up to or trust. Get in touch with a few of them and partner with them if you are looking to increase online awareness of your hotel.

Agree on how they should go about with the hotel influencing task, could be through a video or inviting them to an event, mentioning, or tagging your hotel in their posts, whichever way your endorsement agreement dictates.

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●    Share Videos

Sharing videos about your hotel on your website or social media platforms like YouTube and tiktok is a good and solid Hotels marketing strategy. Treat your potential guests with quality videos showcasing various angles of your hotel such as the swimming pool, the lobby, interiors of the room, and other areas. Also, create the videos in a way that leaves the audience yearning to visit for first-hand experience.

How Hotel Digital Marketing Can Increase Hotels Website Booking

If you are a hotel owner or in hotel management, you should operate knowing that potential guests are only a click away. That’s how powerful the use of the internet has become today. When your hotel website is user friendly, updated with all the services being offered, optimized as per search engines standards, it becomes easy for potential customers to make a booking.