A complete guide to online marketing for Hotels ( BEST RESULTS)

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The hospitality industry is a booming but competitive sector, and staying ahead of your competitors needs the best hotel online marketing practices.  However, this article is going to give best insights on the best online marketing guide for hotels. 

Investing in a wrong hotel digital marketing strategy will not get you the bookings you want, and you will always be behind the pack of competitors.

Make sure you have an effective hotel online marketing strategy if you don’t want to lose a top dollar prospective clients to competitors.

You can only avoid this by precisely reworking your hotel internet marketing strategy to increase your booking.

What is online marketing for hotels?

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Marketing for online business involves establishing and maintaining your hotel’s presence on online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and search engines such as Google.

Today, your competitors reach and engage prospective clients through internet marketing for restaurants’ website content, social media, and paid marketing. You should do it too!

It is essential, as a hotel manager, to have a hospitality internet marketing system that facilitates easy and fast reservations and online responses. There are hundreds of marketing strategies for hotels and resorts you can choose from.

With services from a best hotel marketing agency, you can quickly implement these top strategies and sell your services right to your targeted market.

Top 3 digital marketing strategies for hotels

●       Setting up a hotel Website

A website is your online base and should be crafted professionally to represent your hotel’s brand and ethos. It’s the key to internet marketing for hotels.

Clients referred from other online sources such as social media will land on your website and check out your services and even make bookings right in there.

Therefore, a website should be impressive, clean, and easy to navigate. It should be detailed with each service well described in simple words and graphic images and videos.

The website also hosts your blog whose content should be SEO friendly in line with your customer searches. Your blog posts should describe your services, advice, and general news targeting your consumers.

Lastly, your client reviews should be posted on your website, where they are easily visible to visitors.

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●     Know your target customers

The best strategy is the one that suits your target audience. To achieve this, you must create a customer persona in your plan.

Knowing your customers will determine what your services they need from you. Are you targeting business persons, travelers, honeymoon vacations, travel safaris, etc.? Each of these classes presents different needs, and you need to customize your marketing strategies for hotels and resorts to address each of them.

●       Make Sure Your Website Is Optimized

Your brand’s online persona is a reflection of your offline services. Optimize your website content and design to exude your brand tonality down to the last dot.

SEO experts will develop strategies that will make your hospitality internet marketing content rank well in search engines. This way, your customers can find your website by just typing a few keywords.

●       Have a Strong Social Media Marketing Plan

Many people spend time on social media with friends and checking out new experiences. Well, why not start a conversation with them right there and draw them back to your website?

Your social media channels are your digital silver bullet used by potential audiences to peek into your brand world.

Is something exceptional cooking at your restaurant over the weekend? Share it out there for people to know. Depending on your hotel services, your brand strategy should evolve and grow accordingly.


Hotel internet marketing in Kenya is all about understanding your target clients and building trust in them.

Marketing is a complex sector that evolves with every new technological invention. Thanks to hotel digital marketing agencies in Kenya, the hard part can now be handled by experts in social media marketing, SEO marketing, web design, to name a few.