What Sets Us Apart?

We don’t sweep things under the carpet. We continually navigate complex digital marketing problems to deliver results and maximize success.

Traffic that Doesn’t Convert to Sales?

The most important thing to do in marketing is to identify the target audience correctly. As internet users increase day by day and their needs constantly evolve, targeting the right audience has become the biggest challenge for online marketers. We can help you identify the demographic that resonates with your brand to attract qualified traffic and convert to sales.

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No ROI on Digital Marketing Campaigns?

Tracking return on investment across every digital marketing strategy is difficult. However, it is important to measure the success of every marketing activity to allocate budget optimally—partner with our marketing agency to leverage the power of machine learning and analytics. We help your business track the cost of digital campaigns and lead generation.

No time to Manage Website SEO?

Most entrepreneurs understand the value of having a website, but they still struggle to optimize it for search engine ranking.  Unfortunately, most companies, especially small businesses, don’t have website experts dedicated to site optimization. Contact our digital marketing consultants to guide you through the SEO process.

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Creating Effective ad copies for PPC

Do you get frustrated and burnt out talking with people who never end up buying from you? Do you run Google ads campaigns only to get an increase in traffic that still doesn’t convert to sales? All this happens when you don’t know how to optimize your ad copies. Our Google ads specialists are ready to help create a comprehensive PPC ads strategy that includes detailed personas and a clear pathway for the buyer’s journey.

Can’t Generate Sales through Social Media?

Most businesses end up draining all their marketing budget on sponsored social media posts without any returns. It’s frustrating, particularly when it seems to work for other brands. Our social media marketing experts are trained to interpret and analyze social media data to create a personalized customer journey that is more likely to convert to sales.

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Track and interpret analytical data.

Effective digital marketing strategy relies on the marketer’s ability to track and interpret analytical data.  At Akus Digital Solution, our digital marketing specialists leverage analytical tools such as google analytics, Hootsuite, and Hubspot to understand what people are saying about your products and services.


We connect you with customers.

Speak with our experts to see how you can stack up against competitors. At Akus Digital Solution we strive to deliver the results you are looking for in growing your business.