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SEO services for dentists can help your dental practice attract more walk-ins. Need a professional SEO company in Nairobi, Kenya? At Akus Digital Solution, we help you bring in new patients through digital platforms.


Dentist SEO Services and Solution.

Over 1,600 people in Nairobi google for a “Dentist” every month. How can your dental practice thrive in one of the most competitive dental online marketplace in Kenya? To stay ahead of the pack, dentists need SEO services to connect with patients, build trust, and generate leads for sales. Our SEO experts use the best SEO guideline for the dental practice to enhance your online authority. As such, the best SEO strategies are needed, which include researching the best dentist SEO Keywords, Local SEO, on-page SEO, and Off-page SEO.

In simple words, we make sure patients can find your practice when searching for “Dentist Nairobi” and similar search terms with high purchase intent.

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How We Increase Online Visibility With SEO for Dentist?

Many cheap SEO agencies in Nairobi claim they can get you results in the short run. However, they operate in quantity over quality business mentality- they don’t take time to advance their knowledge on the best SEO practices. Two things are bound to happen; you’ll get penalized by Google losing your investment and time.

Our focus on your ROI sets us apart from other SEO companies. We create an SEO strategy that will increase your dental site’s organic traffic and enhance your dental practice’s online authority to build trust among your community. What’s the bottom line? There are no shortcuts in SEO- We believe in long-term results.

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Dental SEO Services

We’re ready to help you grow online visibility and generate more sales for your dental practice. Discover the best SEO services for the dentist, in Nairobi, Kenya at

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Local Dentist SEO.

If you don’t’ have a website, you can still benefit from a Local SEO Service that helps your dental practice be more visible in local search results on Google. Our Local SEO strategies include optimizing your dentist practices on Google Maps, local directories, online business listing sites, and more. For example, if someone is looking for a pediatric dentist in Nairobi, they might go to Google and search “children dentist near me.” An effective local SEO strategy will rank your Dental practice on local searches for completive dentist SEO keywords.

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Dental Website Design.

A good Dental website design is critical for implementing dental SEO strategies to convert traffic into new patients. Our website design experts create professional dental Websites with custom design options such as online booking system integration. Your dental website hints at the standard to expect at your dental practice.

We can help promote your dental clinical practice using the latest technology to build your site.

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Quality Link Building.

When done right, link building is one of the most powerful off-page SEO strategies with long-term benefits. As a dental SEO company, we aim to help you increase leads to sales for your dental practice.

When your dental website links to relevant and authoritative websites, it helps establish and improve your credibility score and thus high ranking on google. Our SEO experts will help you get listed on specific dental business listing sites, local directories, and other important sites to increase your domain rating and authority.  

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Keyword Optimization and Research.

Our SEO experts use premium SEO tools to research keywords with high conversion rates relevant to your dental practice. We monitor Keywords and search terms used by your target audience to curate high-quality content that can boost your SEO ranking drastically.

For example, if your target audiences are typing “dentist teeth whitening” on google, the keywords related to teeth whitening should be on service pages or the landing page.

The Benefits of Dental SEO Services Company.

Running a successful dental practice requires more than SEO services. We understand that there isn’t enough time for you to do everything and manage everyone. You need a professional dental practice SEO marketing company to help you get results without straining your operational costs and time.

Low Cost Marketing

SEO is a low-cost marketing strategy with a higher ROI than traditional advertising methods such as TV ads. The best part is that you can start with a tiny budget and grow over time.

Increase Online Visibility

We’re ready to help your dental business thrive through SEO services to increase keywords ranking, Google maps visibility, and dentist appointments.

Long-term Results

SEO services for dental practice increase online visibility on Google search results. You get more phones ringing and new patient walk-ins without paying for ads. 

Why Choose Akus as Your Dentist SEO Company.

We combine best SEO practices, attention to detail, and industry trends to create an effective SEO strategy to help dental practices in Nairobi, Kenya, rank high in google search results. Our Dental SEO company focuses on long-term results to generate more revenue.

Capacity to integrate other dental digital marketing strategies.

Only work with dental practice if we’re confident we can deliver ROI.

We build a long-term working relationship with our customers

We involve your dental practice in every process.

We connect you with Patients who Need dental Services.

Partner with Akus Digital Solution for Your Dental SEO Services.


Want to know more about Dental SEO Services? It’s ok please feel free to contact us we’d be happy to help. 

Do Dentist in Nairobi Need SEO?

👉Yes! It doesn’t matter whether you offer the best dental services in Nairobi. Your competitors can still attract more patience than you if they’re leveraging on SEO marketing strategies.

A recent study by Statistica showed that more than 80% of consumers use the search engine to find local businesses. When it comes to dental services, Google is the first place people go to get more information on dental care.

Thus, dentists must have an SEO strategy to ensure their content is available on various digital platforms.

How can I get best Dental SEO Services near me?

👉 Contact Akus Digital Solution for Dentist SEO services in Kenya. We offer a free consultation for Dental SEO to help you make the best decision on what strategy to choose based on your marketing budget.

Discover how our dentist SEO service can improve sales for your dental practice.

Give us a call on +254 771 616 234.

How Much Does Dental SEO Cost in Kenya?

👉 Akus digital Solution offers dental SEO services in Kenya for a monthly cost of Ksh 35,000 to 150,000 price range. Our prices are subject to several factors, such as the number of dental SEO keywords you want to rank on, your target audience, and the number of digital platforms to use. However, the fact is, the more you spend on SEO, the higher your ROI.

How to Find A Dental SEO Company in Nairobi Kenya?

👉A simple google search on “SEO companies in Kenya” will yield hundreds of results, but how do you find the right fit company that can get you results? If you have some SEO background, you can use tools such as Ahref, Moz, Semrush, and Uber suggest to investigate potential SEO agencies and their past clients. Check whether they use SEO best practices and guidelines. Most importantly, request to speak with SEO experts and ask them how they can partner with you for dental SEO Marketing.