Akus digital solution is a top digital marketing agency based in Mombasa, Kenya.  Digital Marketing services in Mombasa, Kenya are critical given that more people are researching online before making a purchasing decision.



A Kenyan story is incomplete without mentioning Mombasa, and so is your Digital marketing strategy without AKUS Digital Solutions. The famous 700-year-old city brags of breathtaking coastal sceneries, magnificent diverse cultures, and a super digital marketing agency. Our reputable company adds a new flavor to your coastal marketing environment by introducing tested and approved services; SEO, Web design, PPC, and Social Media Marketing.  We offer full package digital marketing services in Mombasa. With a click, you will have a fully responsive and optimised e-commerce site, active social media pages, to name a few. With a tech-enhanced generation, our company will deliver your brand right into the hands of your customers. It’s time to get ahead of the competition with AKUS Digital Solutions.

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Internet marketing should always be results-focused. Our main objective is to ensure high client engagement by helping establish a direct communication link between your business and current and potential clients. Our digital marketing services include web design, brand promotion, paid search advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content marketing, all designed to enhance your online presence and showcase your products and services.

Our digital marketing agency in Mombasa, Kenya is focused on helping businesses generate more sales. We strive to understand how clients make decisions across all earned and paid scenarios.  We work strategically to help you build relationships and retain partnerships. Our digital marketing service in Kenya has so far been able to achieve a +90% client retention rate for our customers. Because our approach to internet marketing is informed and driven by measurable results, we adopt an omnichannel strategy that focuses on repeat traffic, increased conversions as well as building a stronger online presence.

Our Best Digital Marketing Services

Skyrocket your business online sales with the best Digital Marketing agency in Mombasa Kenya. What sets us apart is our focus to help business drive more revenue with our innovative digital marketing services. We might not be among the cheap digital marketing companies in Kenya, but we deliver the highest ROI. Discover our local digital marketing services in Mombasa today.

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Website Design

Professional looking and SEO-friendly website designs in Kenya that ranks well.

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Social Media Marketing

Get Result-Driven social media marketing solutions to generate positive ROI.

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Content Marketing

Interactive and engaging content that helps you connect better with your customers.

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Search Engine Optimization

Professional SEO services to get your website rank first for most competitive keywords.

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Business Corporate Branding

Get your brand noticed. We help you position your brand strongly in the market.

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Paid Search Advertising

The art of keywords research & ad creation for effective ad campaign management.


Are you not sure which digital marketing services are most relevant to your company? Then get in touch with us for a free consultation. Our skilled internet marketing experts will help you understand how our solutions benefit your business and design a digital marketing plan customized to your company’s unique needs. Our main objective is to achieve efficient results and excellent customer care support. And we also strive for simplicity in our dealings with clients. All you need to do is contact and furnish us with your company’s profile and online marketing goals. We begin by analyzing your online presence and identifying online sales leads. Our custom digital marketing solutions aim to push your company to the next level and enable you to achieve your desired results at the lowest cost possible.


With the increasing popularity of internet use in Kenya, digital marketing has become a vital marketing tool for Kenya companies that wish to complement traditional advertising channels like print (newspapers, billboards, flyers, etc.) and electronic (television and radio) media. Digital marketing provides companies with the opportunity to showcase their services and products over the internet. There are numerous benefits associated with digital marketing services for Kenyan businesses. Several of these benefits are:


Digital marketing strategies are relatively cheaper to implement as compared to traditional advertising methods. The internet marketing techniques such as email marketing, social media marketing, and blogging require little to no capital investment.



Digital marketing services can put any business on the global map. Since the internet can be accessed everywhere, businesses can take advantage of internet marketing services to advertise their products and services to reach a global audience.



Digital marketing strategies when done right are the most effective approach to promote your products and services online. A digital marketing agency helps you leverage your online presence to achieve greater brand presence.

Measurable results

Internet marketing carries the potential to measure results. A digital marketing tools are used to monitor and determine the return on investment on each digital platform and strategies.


Wider audience reach

Traditional advertising channels like newspapers and radio are generally restricted across boundaries and borders. But with internet marketing, you are able to transcend such restrictions and reach a global audience.

Target ideal prospects

Online Marketing is the most powerful technique for marketing business.  With the help of digital marketing tools, a business can target a specific niche online thereby reducing the time and cost of marketing campaign.


Let us know about your internet marketing goals and how to contact your business.

At Akus digital solution, we believe every business is unique, and that’s why our digital marketing strategies are custom designed on each business’s goals and objectives. No matter your internet marketing needs, we are ready to help you optimize your online presence and grow online leads.