Digital Marketing for Politicians in Kenya (2022 General Elections)

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Digital Marketing for Politicians in Kenya.

How critical is digital marketing for a politician to win an election in Kenya? Digital marketing is a powerful tool for politicians looking to influence voters’ decision-making process. Let’s analyze the 2013 and 2017 general elections in Kenya; digital marketing played a critical role in politics. The Jubilee party led by Uhuru Kenyatta successfully used digital platforms such as social media and blogs to convey the party manifesto and ideologies to a broader online audience. Since then, politicians have embraced digital marketing as a highly important medium to reach a target audience. Conversely, an effective politician digital marketing political campaign is capable of shifting votes in favor of specific political candidates and affiliate parties.

 Here are the top Politician Digital Marketing Services to consider for 2022 Elections.

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1. Live streaming Strategy- is a Must-have for Politician marketing

Live streaming political events is changing how politicians interact with their audiences. A live video strategy allows viewers to engage and share their opinions immediately and authentically. If you don’t capitalize live streaming your rallies, your competitors will get ahead of you, reaching an audience of unprecedented scale. Start now and have a strategy to leverage live streaming tools such as Youtube, Vimeo, LinkedIn Live, Facebook Live, and Periscope live video streaming app in your political campaign.

2. Social Media Management

 Social media marketing allows political candidates to build their brand uniquely and engage with their voters directly. It is crucial to take advantage of social media platforms, especially those commonly used by potential voters like Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok. 

 3. Short Video Displays Ads

 Grab the attention of potential voters on social media through short video ads detailing your political mission and the change you aspire to bring into their lives. 

4. Bulk Whatapp Messages

 Potential voters feel more connected to preferred candidates when communicated through WhatsApp messages. These messages can be forwarded to as many contacts as possible and take different forms videos, audio, or long texts.

 5. Facebook Ads for Politicians

 Facebook ads agency can help reach targeted audiences by promoting the political ideologies of various political candidates and their parties. Targeted Facebook users come across such ads while using the application.

 6. Banner Ads Display

 Reach as many Kenyan internet users as possible through banner ads displayed on popular search engines like Google. Your political message can reach a wider audience through banner ads placed strategically where potential voters can click on them.

 7. Content Marketing

 Craft persuasive content that includes desired political punch lines and slogans to attract potential voters’ attention. Political tag lines that drive the point home are essential.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Politicians in Kenya. 

Traditional campaigning is not as economic and effective as digital marketing for political campaigns. Digital marketing for political campaigns in Kenya is easy to execute within a small budget but can also work wonders when executed with traditional campaigns. 

It is safe to say that digital marketing helps politicians understand their potential voters before meeting them on the ground.

Tips for Politician Digital Marketing Strategy:

  • Social Media Political Campaign strategy includes running well-crafted campaigns on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp groups, Telegram, etc.
  • Creating a website that conveys to Kenyans and the world the contributions and developments you have been championing to society. 
  • Campaigns that include logos and slogans. Potential voters are more inclined to vote for candidates with self-identity that stand out. Quality slogans and logos with the perfect customized message would amplify their support.
  • Create digital content that targets the youth who are the most tech-savvy, and for that reason, they are always on the lookout for political updates during campaigns and the elections day. 

Partner with a Trusted Political Digital Marketing Agency

At Akus Digital Solution, understand how crucial maintaining consistency is in digital marketing. As a politician digital marketing agency in Kenya, you can count on us in optimizing your resources to ensure your message reaches your target audience and gets favorable and desired responses. 

Looking forward to launching a practical and modern political marketing campaign? Contact us at Akus Digital Solution for consultation as we anticipate answering your questions regarding our services. 

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