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Discover our affordable digital marketing services packages and cost for every digital marketing service. No matter your business needs and goals, we can create a custom digital solution to help you grow online authority and generate more online leads to sales.


Digital Marketing Services Prices in Kenya

So what comprises the cost of digital marketing agency services in Kenya? How will the services help my business, and how long does it take to show results? If you want to promote your products and services online, hiring a professional agency can help save a lot of money and time in the long run. A reliable company can ensure you maintain consistency across various digital marketing platforms while allowing time to focus on what you do best. However, you’ll need to have a marketing budget of 4-12 months to get the best long-term results. Online marketing provides the most effective results with the highest investment return. When done right, digital marketing can give you up to Ksh. 10 for every 1. ksh you invest in a marketing campaign.

Our digital marketing packages in Kenya are affordable, reliable and result oriented. We provide customized digital marketing packages for small business as well as enterprises regardless of their geographical location or industry. We create digital marketing strategies that focus on brand awareness, engagement, and conversion.  Our digital marketing packages prices focus on giving our customers the ROI for the money/amount invested.

Search engine optimization (SEO)Ksh 35,000 – Ksh 150,000+ Per Month
Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)Ksh 15,000- Ksh 50,000 Per Month
Content marketingKsh 5 – Ksh10 Per Word or Ksh 100 – 500/email
Social Media marketingKsh 35,000 – Ksh 99, 000/month
Website DesignKsh 19,000 – Ksh 99,900


A graphic showing website design prices in Kenya By Akus Digital Solution

At Akus digital solution, we understand website plays a big role in the planning and execution of an effective digital marketing campaign. Our website design cost in Kenya offer value for your investment.  We provide website design services that aligns with your brand, business, industry and your target market.  We are website creators who build websites that sells and help your brand find online success. Contact us for customized web design charges today.

Our website design costs vary depending on the existing website design and the goals of the client. The cost can range between __Ksh 19,000 to 99, 000__________


An Image Showing SEO SERVICES PRICES in Kenya By Akus Digital Solution

Search engine optimization is a digital process that gives your website the chances to rank highly and in turn increase engagement, awareness as well as leads that can convert to revenue. SEO consulting in Kenya involves creating on-page and off-page strategy that make your brand show up when users search for information related to your business. Search engine optimizing gives your website the chance to be easily noticed by searchers. When a website is well optimized it leads to increased engagement and conversion rates.

At AKUS Digital Solution, we provide reliable and customized SEO prices in Kenya. Our internet marketing solution helps you reach more online audience that can convert to sales. Our SEO prices for small and medium-sized companies range between____Ksh 35, 000 to Ksh 150,000______ depending on the existing internet traffic and the objectives of the strategy. Let us help you build SEO strategy that gets you result with our SEO consulting services in Kenya. Contact us today for affordable SEO services customized to your brand needs.


An image of PPC pricing in Kenya by Akus Digital Solution

Do you need a strategy for online advertising in Kenya that increases your search engine visibility? Do you want to attract the right target market, increase engagement and rate on conversion? At Akus Digital Solution, we have a team of certified Google ads manager with skills in keywords bidding and optimization for higher conversion rates and low total cost.

 To stay ahead of the competition, you need an experienced expert in Google advertising.  A professional google advertising agency can help you lower the google advertising cost by targeting the right keywords strategy.  We offer affordable google advertising price, customized to your needs and budget. Our price range for google ads services is between ——— Ksh 15, 000 to Ksh 50, 000 per Month. 

Contact us for Google ads management services plans customized to your brand needs today.


Hope you been doing fine.

 As a results-driven social media marketing agency in Kenya, we help brands put into effect social media ads strategy to shares information that aligns with the business goals and objectives.

We focus on creating customized social media content as per the industry and the goals for maximum awareness, engagement and high conversion rates.

At Akus Digital Solutions we offer social media marketing services for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. The cost for an effective social media marketing campaign depends on your existing social media presence and the number of social media channels you want to be active. You can expect to spend approximately between ————–Ksh 35, 000 to Ksh 99,000————

Contact us for social advertising services customized to your brand needs today.


An image showing the content marketing pricing in Kenya By Akus Digital Solution

Content marketing in Kenya is growing with the need for businesses to provide answers to questions the consumers are searching for online.  Thus, brands need content marketing strategies to actualize their digital marketing goals and objectives. We are a professional content marketing agency in Kenya that help  businesses in developing, creating and distributing digital content that is valuable and relevant to the target market. We help our clients create and implement consistent and effective content that converts online audience to customers .

Our price range for quality and result-oriented content marketing services is _____Ksh 5 to Ksh 10 Per Word_______

Contact us for content marketing services customized to your brand needs today.

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Finding a digital marketing agency that provides transparency of their services cost will help you save time in determining if they’re a good fit for you before reaching out.

AKUS Digital Solution is an agency that:

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  • Focuses on time management.
  • Provides effective customized digital marketing solutions.
  • Provides reliable digital marketing auditing services analyses to your understanding.

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