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Akus digital solution is a top Facebook ads agency in Kenya that focuses on generating leads, customers, and sales. Our experience across multiple industries has taught us to run Facebook ads campaigns that align with any business goals and objective.


Akus Digital Solution | Facebook Ads Agency in Kenya.

Facebook Ads agency you can trust with your money and time. We create Facebook and Instagram ads that capture leads, engage, and convert to sales.

With over 80% of internet users in Kenya on Facebook, running some social media ads is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies.

If you’re looking for a Facebook ads agency to scale and grow your business, Akus Digital Solution is ready to work with you and provide strategic, and creative content skills to optimize your campaign goals and objectives.

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Akus Digital Solution | Facebook Ads Management Agency Services

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We’re an Affordable & Result Driven Facebook Ads Management Agency that cares about your business success. Most businesses hire Facebook ads manager with no tech-how and analytical skills who waste MONEY focusing on the wrong metrics. Today, the most successful digital marketing campaigns are data-driven. That is to say, you need a team of marketers with analytical, psychological, and copywriting skills to create an effective Facebook ads campaign. Most Facebook ads agencies don’t get it right, but at Akus Digital solution, we create campaigns at the heart of your business needs and goals.

Facebook ads Agency Services For All Businesses

Facebook advertising is effective and affordable for both small and large businesses. Kenyans are highly active on Facebook, and thus companies need to have a robust Facebook ads strategy to increase online authority.


Facebook ads to create awareness are meant to help people discover your brand. They help build your online presence and communicate your brand story.


Facebook ads for engagement are meant to trigger people to start asking questions about your business, products, and services.


Facebook ads for conversion are meant to convince your target audience to make a purchasing decision. The main goal is to create leads that convert to sales.


We like to develop great partnership

Great digital marketing team focus on delivering world class content and execution is superb. Fast response with razor sharp focus on projects.

-Najeeb AlshKeili

CEO Iridium Group.

Highly recommended Digital marketing Agency. Akus Digital solution is affordable, reliable, professional, and actually care about helping your business succeed. If you need website design and marketing services don’t look anywhere else!

-Joy Carol 


One of the most reliable service providers I have ever worked with. If they can't do it, they will tell you openly. But they probably can!

 Jacob Hallman

Co-Fonder StudyGate.


No nonsense. Brilliant. Genuine. Cutting edge stuff. Never been disappointed when I need guidance. After 20 years, she’s the person who knows me, gives me what I need, and I know she truly cares for me and my family and business. Plus, she cracks me up…

-William Peterson

Entrepreneur and athlete

Invest in yourself. The best thing I ever did. Doc Robin sees things and knows things that no one else ever has. Changed my life completely—not just at work (which is why I first sought help). My health, home life, relationships, and happiness are better.

-Pete Armanpour

Chemist/Weekend warrior and coach

Right actions, right order, right time—showed us why what we had tried before with our department hadn’t been successful. True and lasting change requires the customized, challenged, perfected, and “evolutionized” practices that we now work with.

-Theresa Wiskewski

Safeway International, Denver Colorado

How Can We Help Your Business Make Sales Online with Facebook Ads?

Results- Driven Facebook Ads Agency in Kenya 

Partner with Akus Digital solution and tap into the following Pay-Per-Click marketing benefits

Increased Quality Traffic

Facebook ads are the best way to boost traffic to a website. The advantage of using Facebook ads is that you can target a specific region, interests, and behaviors to attract relevant traffic to your site.

High Return On Investment

As an experienced Facebook ads agency, our Facebook ads management services focus on getting you an ROI. For instance, with an eCommerce business, we run Facebook ads to generate more sales.

Increased Leads to Sales.

Facebook Ads are the most effective way to generate leads that convert to sales. With the right Facebook ads content, you can convince prospects to become your regular customers.

Branding Promotion

With Facebook Ads, your business can be visible to thousands of people on Facebook and Instagram. Thus, your brand gets more exposure spending less compared to traditional advertising.

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Facebook Ads Agency you Can Trust

Facebook ads success starts with a strategy and commitment of an innovative team that can bring it to life. At Akus Digital Solution,  we’re ready to help you find solutions with Facebook ads, whether you want to create awareness, increase engagement, increase online enquires, or create leads that convert to sales.

👇FAQs About Facebook Ads Agency👇

Still have questions? It’s ok please feel free to contact us we’d be happy to help. 

How Much Does Facebook ads cost?

👉 Facebook Ads Cost can vary depending several factors such as your size of your business, your competitors, market, the products or services you are selling. At Akus Digital Solution we recommended you start with a minimum of Ksh. 1000 a day and scale up.

Does Facebook ads Really work?

👉Facebook ads works extremely well, when done with the right strategy. So, you may ask, what’s the right way to run Facebook ads? At Akus digital solution we have the skills and resources to help you create effective Facebook ads campaign. We combine strong creative content with detailed audience targeting to attract the right audience to your brand.

How do you measure Facebook Ads Performance?

There are a number of key performance metrics that you can use to measure performance of Facebook ads. The most effective ways include increase in website traffic, increase in the number of phone calls, and cost per click, and increase in sales.