Facebook ads for ecommerce (Full Guide for more sales)

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eCommerce Facebook Ads: Guide to PROMOTE More Sales.

eCommerce Facebook ads are one of the best forms of online advertising. However, creating effective eCommerce Facebook ads requires attention to detail, in addition to excellent research and analytical skills. For that reason, many eCommerce businesses end up spending vast amounts of money on ads without any conversion.
In this article, we delve deeper into the most successful guide for creating eCommerce Facebook Ads. We also talk about the advantages of Facebook Ads and how they can accelerate eCommerce business growth. Additionally, you will know about the benefits of working with a Facebook ads agency for eCommerce.

Best eCommerce Facebook ads strategy

Facebook ads are ever-evolving. Thankfully, you can optimize the following elements to create successful ads.

Facebook Ads Manager

Essentially, Facebook Ads Manager is the core of your campaign. You can achieve the following with sheer simplicity:
• Create new ads
• Choose your audience
• Manage and adjust campaigns
• Set up your budget
• Test ads that perform optimally

This tool is highly compatible with Android and iOS phones to run ads on the go. Plus, you can customize ads to meet your goals.

2. Facebook Ads Cost

Typically, Facebook ads Cost vary depending on your business, audience, and ad placement. You can distribute your budget across retargeting, offer promotion, and audience building. After that, you might need to focus on ad sets with excellent performance.

Facebook comes with a tool called Campaign Budget Optimization to make the process effortless.  Alternatively, you can set costs at the ad set level for visibility.

3. Conversion-Oriented Campaigns

Conversion-oriented campaigns aim at drawing people to your website and making them your customers. For instance, you can use catalog sales to showcase your goods or services. If you have multiple business locations, you can promote them to nearby customers.

Call to action (CTA) buttons can help you to convert users into buyers. Use visuals and simple language to attract people to your site.

4. Campaign Measurement and Optimization

Measuring your campaign gives you actionable insights. You will know whether you are on the right track or not. Bear in mind that you can use app events or Facebook Pixel to track conversions. That way, you can have the following information:

  • Alerts, such as ad rejection
  • Campaign trends
  • Recommendations to improve campaigns

You can optimize your ads by placing them on the Facebook news feed and instant articles.

Advantages of Ecommerce Facebook Marketing

Facebook ads offer virtually endless advantages to eCommerce businesses as follows:

1. Awareness

Facebook ads allow you to build brand awareness. You can engage your target audience and connect with new people. You can advertise to billions of people at the same time.

2. Enhance Online Authority

Online authority can be product reviews or testimonials that create trust among people. Also, click ads can make your brand popular with many users. They can build your company’s reputation and online presence.

3. Increase Online Sales

Buyers can know about the benefits of your goods through ads. Once visitors gain trust in your brand, they can convert to customers. You will generate revenue when your target audience buys your products.

How Facebook Ads Can Promote Ecommerce Business

1. Increase Quality Traffic

Facebook ads can generate traffic to your website through engaging posts. Pictures and videos are helpful in conversions. Besides that, effective ads feature stories and social proof from existing customers.

2. Increase Return of Investment (ROI)

Facebook ads are economical than other forms of marketing. You can target your audience and measure the results. If the campaigns need improvement, it’s possible to work on them and yield profits.

3. Increase Online Sales

You can use Facebook to create multi-product carousels adverts. This tool also comes with offers upon clicking an ad. Additionally, you can display a product’s price for quick sales.

4. Branding Promotion

Ideally, Facebook ads promote a brand through awareness campaigns. You only need to set a budget, schedule, and audience. After that, place your ad on the mobile and desktop news feed to stand out.

Why Hire a Facebook ads Agency for eCommerce? 

A Facebook ads agency for ecommerce is cost-effective than hiring a full-time employee to do the job. Plus, you get to enjoy the following skills under one roof.

  • Editors
  • Photographers
  • Designers

When you work with an agency, you can leverage dynamic technologies. For instance, experts are always on par with the changing algorithms on Facebook. Thus, your ads will be relevant to the existing market.