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How are websites created? Do I need special skills to create a website? If you are here, then you understand that websites are essential to a business that seeks to thrive. Having the best website is a great way to turn fans into customers and customers into fans. While understanding how to created a website is one thing, being aware of the importance of a website to your brand is priceless. You should also understand that a business will only thrive with a unique website design that is SEO ready.

Web Design Templates vs. Website software: What’s the Right Choice for Your Business?

There are two options to consider for website creation. These are either custom web designs or website templates. understanding the pros and cons of either of the options before making the decision will save you a lot of time, money, and effort.

  • Custom Web Design

Custom web design makes your site unique characterized by a competitive edge over competitors. These sites tend to rank higher as they are more search engine friendly. They are also easy to customize to the needs of the business which is great for personalized branding. They are not only designed to easily scale with your business but also incorporate a content management system (CMS). On the lower side, getting a custom web design is costly and time-consuming which may result to project delays.

  • Website Templates

This is the solution for those looking for ways on how to create a free website with a short development cycle. It is the perfect website-building solution for startups or companies with a low budget.  With website templates, you don’t need techy skills in coding. However, with the templates being easily available online, the chances of creating a website that stands out above your competitors are slim. This makes it perform poorly when it comes to search engine ranking. The use of website templates is also customized by poor support and browser compatibility as well as a rigid structure that makes customization hard. Incorporating visuals into an SEO-friendly feature like videos and images become challenging.

Why Custom Web Design and Development remains the Best solution for business.

Having your business thrive in the saturated online market requires the ability to make your brand stand out. Businesses and brands need to embrace custom website design and development if they are to cut through their niche and stand out to their target market. The following are some of the benefits of having a custom website design in Kenya:

  • Ability to personalize your site as per your brand
  • Better search engine ranking leads to a higher audience
  • Custom website designs can be customized as per the branding strategy
  • Custom designs save you money through one time investments
  • The websites are easily adaptable as per the needs of the company

The reason why Custom WordPress Website Design a good option for small business

  • how to know if a website is created with WordPress

The introduction of the website made the management of websites easier given its better content management system that has become more streamlined over the years. Businesses are faced with optimization-related challenges that can be tough, time-consuming as well as costly. WordPress, as a web development platform, is used by millions of people and companies as it is characterized by the power to develop an interactive website through easy management of the platform and complete freedom of customization. Here are some of the reasons that make WordPress ideal for small businesses:

  • It is Open Source Development Platform
  • WordPress is free
  • WordPress websites are super good for SEO!
  • It has a quick and easy website setup process
  • It contains a user-friendly interface
  • It has a reliable large online support system
  • It contains a broad variety of themes with plugins for every feature

While we are the biggest advocates of WordPress websites for small businesses, we are often faced with the big question of how to know if a website is created with WordPress. The design of the website doesn’t help when you want to determine the platform it uses. Below are five ways of knowing if a website is built with WordPress:

  • Checking the source of the site’s code visit license.text file
  • Visit C WordPress URLs
  • Check the website with usage data
  • Use chrome sniffer extensions

Professional website creators in Kenya.

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