How to Create a Free Website for Your Business

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How to make a website for free

We live in an era of information digitization where people are operating their business online. Now that there are free web hosting platforms to take advantage of, you don’t excuse not having an online business in Kenya.

Nevertheless, if you are financially capable, you can get an affordable website design in Kenya by website design experts in Nairobi. That is if you have a business that could benefit from a professional website. If you are currently interested to create a free website in Kenya, these are the steps to follow:

Understand the Type of Website You Need

Do you want a business website, a blog, or an eCommerce website sort of website? These are among the questions that website design experts in Kenya will ask you when you hire their web design services. Once you have figured out the type of website you need, it will be easy to find a hosting service.

Find a Website Builder Platform

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Contrary to what some may think, website design doesn’t have to be complicated. Why? Because there are several free website builders tools online that allows you to create a free website. However, they vary in terms of features ( SEO website builders), technology, and efficiency. 

Therefore, you will need to refer back to the kind of website you want to create so that you can choose the right builder or hosting platform. The most common ones include WordPress, Wix, Google Sites, Webs, etc. Additionally, you can choose to go for a local web hosting in Kenya services. It is essential to know that free hosting services come with limited features and therefore lack flexibility.

Create An Account

The next step is that of signing up. Some platforms will include a section for billing information, but you can pass that if you are creating a free account. However, you can always come back to upgrade your site later.

Chose a Domain Name

Again, your host may provide free domain names, only that they are limited in choices. You may, however, consider paying some fee for regular domains from the same host. Finding the perfect domain can help you quickly create an online presence. You can also consider hiring a web design company to choose the right domain.   

Design the Website

Proceed to design the website using the available customizable programs. If you already have HTML code, check if your web host allows HTML uploads and proceed to create a customized site.

The web designing programs offered by most web hosts allow you to add or drop images, texts, etc. If you are not comfortable with the designs that come with free web design platforms, you have the choice of hiring one of the best website design companies in Kenya that offer custom prices. 

Add Content

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Once you are done designing the website, you may want to inform your target audience about your site. Describe the services you are providing or the products you are selling. It is important to include contact information and the physical location of your business on your website.


After you are content with the design and content, you may proceed to publish your website. A brief introduction post to your audience would be a good idea. Make sure to use digital marketing strategies such as social media advertising, link sharing, and make your website rank on top of google search.

If you are interested in a professional ecommerce website design Kenya, make a list of website design companies in Kenya and see what each has to offer by comparing their packages. As far as website design Kenya prices are concerned, many web design companies in Kenya offer website design under KSH 5000 and still provide quality services.