Mimic Pro Simulation Round 1 Answers (Buhi Backpacks)

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Welcome to a new exciting world of Mimic Pro simulation digital marketing courseware. In this introductory round, you’ll learn how to actively manage the digital marketing campaign of Buhi bags during the case-based simulation—wondering how best to do well in the simulation? No need to worry. Our digital marketing tutors can guide you through the Mimic Pro manual to help you perform better in the simulation.

Below you’ll find mimic pro simulation round 1 answers to guide you on creating your first Buhi backpacks Ads campaign.

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Callie: Hey! I think it’s so cool that we get to work at Buhi together! 🤩 #awesomeinternship #soontobecollegegraduates. Anyway, I’m working on a few campaigns and I remember one of our professors telling us that there’s a difference between SEO and paid or PPC keywords. Do you remember what he said?

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I know! I’m very excited to be here. To answer your question, while search volume is important to both, Paid has a greater emphasis on competition and intent while SEO emphasizes keyword difficulty

Brock: Hello. I want to ensure that this Backpack campaign does well and it sounds like bids are the ticket to me. I remember a past digital marketer telling me that bids should stay pretty low, but can you remind me why we can’t put $100 behind a keyword to make sure we get priority?

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That’s a good question. When we win a bid, we only pay one cent more than the next highest bid. For example, if the next highest bid was $1 then, we’d pay $1.01 for every click. But, if a competitor uses SEMRush to see our max bid and sets theirs at $95, we’ll pay $95.01 for every click. Our funds will be exhausted within days, sometimes even hours, kicking us out of the competition. To avoid that, it’s better to bid competitively and closer to the suggested bid.

Ali: Congratulations on the new job! I’ve heard a bit about Buhi, and I’m excited to hear more about the company when we meet up for lunch next week. Some quick questions for you: Are there criteria for selecting keywords? Which are most important? Should I just choose a bunch that looks good including my branded keywords?

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Thanks! Buhi’s been great so far! How’re things going for you? To answer your question, search volume, suggested bid, competition, and search intent are the four criteria for keyword selection. Search volume and competition are the most important because together they indicate search intent. Choose a broad number of keywords, focusing more on campaign goals, to find the best ones for your campaign.

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