Mimic Pro Simulation Round 2 Answers (Buhi Bags)

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Below are Mimic Pro round 2 answers to help create a successful campaign. You can receive an immediate answer to a number of commonly asked questions through our live tutoring sessions.

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Callie: Hey again! So, I have an ad group that’s done really well. How do I know if I should lower or increase my bid to improve keyword performance?

👉 Correct Answer

That’s a good question. I recommend increasing your bid when impressions are low. If you regularly obtain about the same number of impressions, lower your bid. Essentially, you want to improve how many times you appear as a featured search result (impression share).

Brock: What’s your strategy to reach your clicks goal for the Backpack campaign?

👉 Correct Answer

My strategy is to test new keywords to find winning combinations. I’ll replace the lowest performing keywords with these new words.

Ali: I’ve noticed that my campaign performance is lacking because of my budget constraints. Any suggestion on how to increase performance without raising my budget?

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I can think of three ways to help: increasing ad quality through keyword optimization, reallocating the budget to the highest-performing campaigns and keywords, and placing competitive bids on keywords with higher impressions.

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