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Wondering how best to do well in the simulation? No need to worry. Below you’ll find mimic pro simulation round 4 answers to guide you on creating your first Buhi Display Ads campaign.

Callie: Hey! Congrats on your promotion! Quick question for you: What are the best key performance indicators (KPIs) to analyze for top-of-funnel (brand awareness) and bottom-of-funnel (conversion) campaigns?

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Thanks! To answer your question: when a customer is at the bottom-of-funnel or ready to purchase, you should focus on conversion rate, ROAS, and revenue KPIs. When they’re top-of-funnel, focus on impressions and clicks.

Brock: With past digital marketers, we've had an issue with poor budget allocation, which resulted in low return on investment (ROI). What's your budget allocation plan?

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My budget is going to be allocated to campaigns and keywords that indicate high revenue, conversion rate, and ROAS.

Ali: We’re not getting enough sales through our website to pay for costs. How can I improve my website and landing pages? What kind of factors could influence sales through the website and landing pages?

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I’m not an SEO expert, so I can’t help with your overall website, but I can help with landing pages. Landing pages are most successful when they match the ad’s design, copy, and product promotion. Customers need to immediately know they’ve landed on the right page. Make sure your above-the-fold section correlates the strongest and the CTA is clear and enticing.

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How to do well in Mimic Pro Simulation? 

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