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Wondering how best to do well in the simulation? No need to worry. Below you’ll find mimic pro simulation round 7 answers to guide you on creating your first Buhi Shopping Ads campaign.

Stukent mimic pro simulation cheats

Callie: Hi again. I’ve recently been assigned a project that uses shopping ads, but I’m not super familiar with them. What key components of shopping ads have the biggest impact on ad performance?

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Shopping ads are new for me as well, but I’ve learned that they need to feature high-quality images that showcase the product, and optimized product title, a call to action, and customer reviews.

Brock: Hey, I understand shopping ads can be expensive if they aren’t done correctly. So, what’s your strategy? What are you going to focus on?

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I’m going to try and subdivide my groups based on similar bids and use negative keywords. Subdividing the products and creating and organizing those groups so the right bids and negative keywords work together.

Ali: What are shopping ads all about? I must’ve missed an entire section during my university study or something because I’ve never heard of these before.

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I don’t think shopping ads get as much attention, if any, compared to search and display ads, so that’s probably why you aren’t familiar with them. Shopping ads are ads that contain copious product information and drive a consumer to make a purchase.

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How to do well in Mimic Pro Simulation? 

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