Online Business in Kenya (How to Set Up an Online Business)

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How to start an online business.

Starting online business is easy provided you have the right idea and skills, however running and managing them is not just a walk in the park. In this article, you are going to learn how to start online business and how to run a profitable online business.

How to Start an Online Business. 

Recently, the most searched terms on online business are (online business how to start, for online business, online business ideas, online business in Kenya).  The above queries show you that many people are searching for ideas to start and succeed in online business.

Below are 4 simple steps to start an online business.

1. Determine the Products/Services

Once you have made up your mind on the online business idea,  conduct online research to determine your target market and niche. It also ensures the right method and strategy is chosen including mode of payment, delivery channels, and customer support setup.

2. Register your Business

If you want to give your brand the chance to grow and avoid penalties and liabilities, it is important to register the business name.  Registering your business keeps you safe from government regulations as well as prevent other people from using your brand name. Business registration also gives the brand a good reputation both online and offline.

3. Put Your Business online. 

Register a domain name and get hosting space. Choose a domain name that communicates your brand story.  To set up your business online you can start with  creating a website as well as social media pages.

4. Online marketing

Don’t underestimate the power of online marketing when introducing a startup or maintaining an online presence. Marketing should be done in the right way to avoid wastage of funds and time. It can be done by incorporating digital marketing strategy for example use of , content marketing, social media marketing, and Search engine optimization .

 How to Run a Successful Online Business

Below are 7 things to consider if you want to build a profitable online business

1. Stay Focused

Sharp focus is critical to your startup’s success. Maintaining your goals and your objectives for both short- and long-term gains can help you build a successful startup.

2. Provide great Services

In business, while customer acquisition is key the biggest challenge is customer retention.  That’s why the benefits of good customer service can not be discounted as it helps develop long-term relationships that lead to retention.  

3. Use online business apps 

Mobile applications are can be used to improve daily operations and management, organize ideas, manage accounts and expenses among other business operations. Online business apps can help your business run more smoothly and efficiently while avoiding larger costs.

 4. Keep up with trends

Being trendy on the internet is a valuable online marketing opportunity to make content relevant. It involves tying a message to what people are posting and searching for online.  Trends can help you attract a greater number of readers and customers to your brand by appealing to a wider audience.

5. Analyze your competitors 

Competitor analysis is important because it will help you recognize how you can enhance your own business strategy and how you can out-do your competitors in these areas to keep your customer’s attention.

6. Make sacrifices

To succeed in entrepreneurship and online business, you need to sacrifice a few things on your dashboard. because business is a give-and-take process. The more you invest, and the more you’re willing to part with, the more the rewards.

7. Be consistent

long-term consistency especially with your marketing strategy across the website, social media platforms, online ads, and more will help acquire leads that can be turned into customers which set the base to grow your brand.

Profitable Online Business Ideas

Are you looking for profitable online business ideas? Below are 20+ online business ideas you can start at the comfort of your home.

  • Blogger/vlogger/podcasts
  • Offer Data entry service
  • Social media marketing agency
  • Facebook Marketing Agency
  • SEO agency
  • Forex business
  • Podcast
  • Start an online school
  • online shopping sites
  • Boutique online stores
  • Online publisher
  • Proofreading and editing business
  • Voice over artist
  • Graphics designs
  • Small business consultant/advisor
  • Online Books selling
  • Web/app designer or web developer
  • Virtual assistant
  • Handmade craft seller
  • Online teaching
  • Become online writer


Starting an online business in Kenya can be an exciting and fruitful venture.  However, it requires careful planning and use of the right strategy to increase the chances of success and long-term sustainability.  Contact us today to get professional guidance on how to start online business.


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