PPC Advertising Cost & Pricing

Akus Digital solution is a PPC advertising agency that is transparent with all the PPC advertising cost. We have priorities on results that maximize the return on your investment. 


Maximise on your PPC Advertising with our Affordable Pricing & Packages. 

Are you searching for a PPC advertising agency packages and pricing in Kenya? Akus Digital solution offers affordable Google advertising pricing for small and large businesses across all industries. We help you maximize your Google advertising budget. We’re one of the most trusted PPC advertising agencies in Kenya that help businesses get quality traffic through our PPC ads Management Packages.
We have three PPC advertising Packages designed to help our clients leverage Google ads to grow their business. Scroll down to learn more about Google advertising Charges

Why choose Our PPC Advertising Agency Pricing Packages?

Our secret code for PPC advertising success is market research.  At Akus Digital Solution, we make it a habit to understand our client’s short-term and long-term goals to brainstorm on a strategy that gets the best returns possible. All our PPC advertising packages have a dedicated google ads account manager to monitor results daily and make adjustments when necessary to maximize results.   

How to Choose the Best PPC Advertising Agency in Kenya

Hiring the best PPC advertising company means that you’re leveraging a PPC marketing expert’s knowledge and experience. Your google advertising campaign success depends on the PPC expert’s skill and ability to learn and adapt to the trends. Here is how to identify the best PPC advertising agency for your business.

Honesty & Transparency

Transparency is one of the most important attributes when choosing the best google ads advertising agency services. We’ve heard of horror stories where companies have lost thousands of shillings to people claiming to be ads campaign managers. The best PPC advertising company should keep you involved every step of the way.

Experience & Expertise.

If you want to know if an ads agency is experienced and qualified, ask them questions about the challenges you’re facing as well as examples of similar projects they’ve handled before. An experienced PPC ads Agency can quickly identify what’s wrong with ads campaigns and provide an innovative approach to optimize them.

Saves You Time & Money.

Surely, what’s the point of hiring a PPC ads agency services if not to save you time and money. It would be best to have a Google Advertising agency that can completely manage your PPC ads campaign. However, beware of agencies that give false, unrealistic results only to put your time and money to waste. 

Google Ads Cost

Google ads cost depend on several factors. However, a professional Google ads agency can help decrease the cost of your ad by optimizing your campaigns. In other words, it is easy to waste money running an ineffective Google ads campaign. Here is how we help you maximize google ads results.

  • Keyword research & bidding
  • Creating quality ads copy
  • Technical data tracking and analytics
  • Landing page optimization

At Akus Digital Solution, we deliver PPC advertising results with return on investment (ROI). Google ads are one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies for businesses looking to increase traffic and generate sales.  However, PPC ads campaigns need to be configured and managed correctly to benefit from Google advertising.

Let us help you create Google ads campaigns that deliver leads to sales with our affordable PPC advertising charges. Our PPC Advertising agency services packages include; google ads account setup & optimization, call and conversion tracking, a dedicated Google ads account manager, ads & landing page optimization, and more.

Ready to Take Your PPC Advertising Campaigns to New Heights?

Partner with a PPC advertising agency that has a proven track record. We have priorities on results that maximize on the return on the investment.

Top 5 PPC Advertising Benefits to your Business.

Akus Digital Solution | Results-Driven PPC advertising Agency in Kenya

Partner with Akus Digital solution and tap into the following Pay-Per-Click marketing benefits

1. Save Money & Time.

Compared to the traditional advertising method, PPC advertising is more cost-effective, given the immediate results you can get. However, it is important to have a professional PPC team to help you optimize your advertising campaign to make the most out of your PPC ads budget.

2. Quickest Way to Get Targeted Traffic

Quality website traffic is all you need to convert visitors to customers. With PPC advertising you can easily target specific demographic that can lead to sales.

3. Easiest Method to sell Product online

So, you have created a beautiful website with products listing that are ready for sale online but have no idea how to reach people quickly. Here is how to quickly sell your products and services online, set up a PPC advertising campaign on platform such as Google, and target your ideal customers

4. Works Well with Other digital marketing strategies

PPC advertising is most effective when integrated with other online marketing strategies such as SEO. For example, you can use PPC campaign performance insights such as best Keywords to prioritize your SEO marketing.

5. You can control PPC ads cost

One of the top benefits of PPC advertising, such as Google ads, is setting a budget for your ads campaign. If you want to scale up the spending, you can also do so based on your campaign’s positive results performance.

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Why Choose AKUS Digital Solution

Our primary objective is to help your business grow and build your brand.  It’s what we’re passionate about, and we know how to make it work for our client.

We’re a digital marketing agency that seeks to understand our client’s business goals. Akus digital solutions are customized based on individual client’s goals and needs.

Cost Saving

Our clients appreciate our services over hiring in-experienced full-time employees.

Tech Minded

We use the latest technology to position your business as a top player in your industry and surpass all competitors.  

Long-term Commitment

We’re committed to help your business find success.  We focus on long-term strategic partnership and opportunities to grow your brand

We're Professionals

 Our client trusts us because we pitch the need for our services and actually deliver positive results as well. We practice what we preach.

One-Stop Shop

We’ve got the expertise to do all of our work in-house. We don’t offer services that we cannot fulfill ourselves. 

Results More than Reports

We’re results-focused.  If something we’re working on is not giving positive results, we don’t cover it up and make it appear like everything is ok.

Transparent Communication

We fully understand the value of open & timely communications. You are speaking directly to our digital experts. 

We Value Integrity

We value honesty and integrity and expect the same from our clients. We work with a sincere heart in helping you find success.