Car Dearlership Social Media Marketing case study

Rekotrade Japan Social Media Marketing .

How Akus digital solution successfully utilized social media to increase brand awareness and engagement for Japanese Car dealers.

Akus Digital Solution’s Continued Efforts Resulted in:



Facebook Reach



Instagram Reach



Increase in website traffic

Company Overview

Rekotrade marketplace is a B2B and B2C website that gathers more than a thousand cars inventory regularly on sale offers and provides the easiest buying experience and process with convenient one-stop service to buyers worldwide. Rekotrade operates under its parent company, the Relation Company Limited, from Hyogo, Japan. It is one of the leading automobile exporters in Japan, with sixteen years of experience built on reliability and customer satisfaction.

The Problem

Rekotrade was looking for a car dealership digital marketing agency in Kenya with a proven track record at running social media marketing campaigns. The client wanted to increase brand awareness and leads to sales in more than 5 African countries, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. That’s when they reached out to Akus Digital Solution. Our social media marketing team was up for the challenge and excited to help tell their brand’s stories. However, establishing brand awareness would not be an easy task, as Rekotrade had a very low social media presence with merely 1k followers on Facebook and less than 1300 followers on Instagram. In addition, the market is dominated by strong and well-known competitors within the Japanese cars exporters industry.

car dealership social media marketing banner post

Rekotrade’s 5 main goals for the social media marketing campaign were;

  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Increase Website Visits 
  • Establish Brand Authority 
  • Grow New Leads and Conversions
  • Increase Inquiries


car dealership social media marketing banner post

1. Car Dealership Social Media Strategy

The Team at Akus Digital Solution started by creating a car dealership social media marketing strategy. We designed a plan to help the company leverage social media platforms Facebook & Instagram to increase brand awareness, drive web traffic, grow online leads and convert leads. The social media marketing plan was our guide towards delivering high-quality, relevant content to engage the target audience and establish brand trust.

2. Car Dealership Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing campaigns were segmented into 3 main groups to align the target audience’s brand messaging and value proposition.

1. Luxury car buyers: -Looking for the best quality cars with value for money
2. Car dealers: -Local car dealerships that sell new and used vehicles.
3. Budget car shoppers: -Looking for affordable second-hand cars to import.

We created content that served the right message to the target audience to increase brand awareness and engagement.

Website mockup for consultancy agency
Website mockup for consultancy agency

3. Car Dealership Social Media Advertising 

Tackling how to increase brand awareness, we started a vibrant Facebook and Instagram advertising designed to convey Rekotrade as the go-to brand to save money and time finding the perfect Japanese second-hand cars. Combining the Instagram and Facebook ads with organic social media strategy was exciting because of the significant positive results. It allowed us to set different budgets and target audiences for each country by monitoring what is working organically and learning from it to increase brand awareness through ads. As a result, the brand was seen over 2,418,153 times on Facebook and 1,118,007 times on Instagram in the first three months of our social media marketing campaign.


When Akus’s social media marketing team came on board, Rekotrade had very little online presence. The client needed to build brand awareness on multiple social media accounts targeting more than 5 African countries. We created social media content to strengthen the client’s online presence and ran Facebook ads campaigns to promote the website. Overall, our social media marketing efforts amassed a valuable audience to increase brand awareness. Even more, the results allowed us access to great insights that will inform our client’s future digital marketing efforts.

2M+ Reach

Facebook page likes increased from 1,415 to 10,450 by the end of the third month.



Instagram followers increased from 1,343 to 2650 by the end of the third month.



Increase in web traffic within the first three months of social media campaign compared to other months

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Website design mock up by Akus digital solution. An image showing website design services by akus digital solution
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