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Madonna Realtors Digital Marketing Case Study

How Akus Digital Solution partnered with Madonna realtors and transformed their real estate website into a powerful online sales tool.

Akus Digital Solution’s Continued Efforts Resulted in:



Increase in website traffic



Decrease in website bounce rate

Company Overview

Madonna Realtors reached out to Akus Digital solution to redesign its outdated website. The client wanted a website that would promote the real estate listing with a clean professional and visually appealing to his potential customers. Some of the technical issues with the old site included weak User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) and poor site structure, which affected the site load speed. Design-wise the website wasn’t fully optimized for various screen sizes. There were also content structure issues in that the site was poorly set up for SEO.

Website mockup for consultancy agency

The Solution.

Website design mock up by Akus digital solution. An image showing website design services by akus digital solution

real estate marketing strategies

1. Real Estate Website Design 

As a digital marketing agency that breathes SEO, we redesigned the website from the ground up with a proper balance of authenticity, usability, and search engine optimization best practices. The Akus Digital Solution website creation team chose to keep the design simple and let the real estate content take center stage. We designed a property listing page that features images, prices, location details, and contact forms. This helped the website look very professional and put the real estate company’s website far ahead of others.

Other features of the new site included: 

  • Testimonials. The real estate agency needed to create social trust by sharing success stories from their most loyal clients.
  • Efficient search tools: For users to easily find a listing by location 
  • Site Map: To Navigate the website a complete the desired action. 
  • Call to action: To encourage visitors to take action, such as make a call, send a message, and fill in the contact forms. 


Our website development team used first-class technology to build a professional, streamlined website design for the real estate company. Overall, the team redesigned the real estate website to enhance the user experience and set up a robust foundation for SEO marketing. Within the first three months, the site showed massive improvements across the board, including;



Increase in Organic Traffic



Decrease in Bounce rate 

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The top checklist for choosing the best digital marketing agency in Kenya is to make sure they have delivered results for companies similar to yours.

Website design mock up by Akus digital solution. An image showing website design services by akus digital solution
Vision fund Kenya website by


Great digital marketing team focus on delivering world class content and execution is superb. Fast response with razor sharp focus on projects.

-Najeeb AlshKeili

CEO Iridium Group.

Highly recommended Digital marketing Agency. Akus Digital solution is affordable, reliable, professional, and actually care about helping your business succeed. If you need website design and marketing services don’t look anywhere else!

-Joy Carol


One of the most reliable service providers I have ever worked with. If they can't do it, they will tell you openly. But they probably can!

Jacob Hallman

Co-Fonder StudyGate.

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