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The Co-operative University of Kenya SEO Website Design

See how Akus Digital solution breathes new life into the Co-operative University of Kenya Website.

Akus Digital Solution’s Continued Efforts Resulted in:



Increase in application submissions and requests for information.



Increase in average engagement time.



Increase in page views.

Client Overview

The Cooperative University of Kenya (CUK) is a public institution located in Nairobi, Karen, Kenya. Established in 2011 by the Government of Kenya, the university is dedicated to providing education and training with emphasis on cooperative development. The university has modern facilities including lecture halls, a library, computer labs, and hostels for students.

The Co-operative University of Kenya (CUK) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as pre-bachelor’s degrees (i.e. certificates and diplomas), bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees in several areas of study. The Co-operative University of Kenya (CUK) has a population of about 5,000-5,999 students.

The Challenges

The Co-operative university of Kenya, had been operating with the old website architecture with only minor changes since 2017. As the site has added content (Including more than 200 pages and a large library of linked documents), the architecture and navigation become increasingly complicated and difficult for the user to navigate. 

The old website design was also complicated using outdated technology and was limiting when building new pages and resources for SEO optimization. 

The site domain receives 40,000-50,000 unique visitors per month however time on site and number of unique page visits has decreased over the past few years. This resulted in poor SEO RANKING and thus a significant drop of application submissions and requests for information.

The university senate shared their needs and goals, and we set to work with a complete website overhaul with the aim of improving it with a modern and prototypical layout.

The Co-operative University of Kenya


  • Improve site architecture and navigation to enable easier browsing and a more frictionless experience
  • Ensure site architecture and navigation enable easy browsing and accessibility of education options within the course catalogue.
  • Implement supplementary topical navigation options for improved content discovery
  • Reduce the website size and load time. 
  • Build SEO foundations to increase search engine traffic and drive future growth
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS


Co-operative SEO website design in Kenya by Akus Digital Solution

1. SEO Website design phase

Armed with a well-defined plan for website navigation, we ventured into the design phase, with the primary objective of crafting an exceptional layout worthy of a top public university  in Kenya

We started by to designing the homepage and Sub-site wireframes. We planned the navigation and content placement for the copy, call-to-actions, images, and files without any concern for the design at this stage. This allowed us to focus on the goals and functionality of the site, without getting lost in the details of website aesthetic.

After the wireframe was approved, we designed a full-color mockup of the homepage and Sub-sites with all of the graphics and design elements included. Once the homepage desktop and mobile designs were approved, we worked on additional pages that needed to be fully fleshed out

2. SEO Website Best Practises. 

To enhance The Co-operative University website with SEO best practices, we implemented several key strategies. Firstly, we optimized URL links to ensure they are clear, concise, and include relevant keywords. We also revamped the website with a responsive design, making it accessible and user-friendly across various devices. Additionally, we integrated social media platforms to enhance social proof and credibility. Our focus on indexing ensured that search engines could easily crawl and index the website’s content. Lastly, we simplified the website structure and content for improved user experience and navigation, ultimately boosting its search engine visibility and performance.

Co-operative University Website Mockup
Co-operative University Website Mockup

3. Test and Launch

After wrapping up the development of both the front and back end of the website, it was time for a critical phase: extensive testing and quality assurance. 

We left no room for error as we subjected the new website to rigorous assessments across all major browsers and a range of mobile devices, prioritizing a user experience that is accessible and smooth.

After diligently resolving issues, we collaborated with the CUK team in an extensive training session. This session delivered a comprehensive walkthrough of the website’s functionalities and equipped the team to efficiently use their new content management system after the website’s launch.


After implementing a website design revamp for the Co-operative University of Kenya, the results were exceptionally positive. There was a remarkable 616% increase in application submissions and requests for information, indicating a significant boost in user interest and engagement with the university’s offerings. Additionally, there was a substantial 451% increase in average engagement time, showcasing improved user interaction and interest in the website’s content. Furthermore, the website saw a notable 179% increase in page views, demonstrating enhanced traffic and user navigation throughout the site. Overall, these outcomes demonstrated the effectiveness of the SEO website design in enhancing user experience and driving increased traffic and engagement.


Increase in application submissions and requests for information.



Increase in average engagement time.



Increase in page views.

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