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Akus Digital solution has come to be known as the top SEO company in Kenya. More often, people ask us what’s “ SEO Meaning.” So, we decided to write this article to give an overview of Search Engine optimization, an effective digital marketing strategy if you want your website to be found through search engines such as Google and Bing.

This beginner’s SEO Content Marketing guide is going to help you answer three questions:

1. What is “SEO Meaning”

2. What is “SEO content writing”?

3. What is SEO marketing?

What is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization involves the process of facilitating higher website ranking on search engines. SEO is, therefore, the strategies to affect website visibility for searchers to come across your content on the first page of Google whenever they conduct a search directly related to your business.

SEO Meaning in Content writing

When consulting a digital marketing agency, you may have heard the term “SEO content” as a marketing strategy to increase website organic visibility.

To help you understand the SEO Meaning in content writing, let’s break down the phrase SEO Content writing into the following two components.

  • SEO; also known as search engine optimization is the process of optimizing website for people to find it on top of search engines results such as google and yahoo.
  • Content writing; refers to the process of researching, writing, and editing web content for online marketing purpose. It includes writing webpage content, blogs, articles, press release, product reviews, among others.

So, what’s SEO Meaning in content writing? It is a digital marketing strategy of ensuring your website content is optimized for search engine. SEO writing is the art of creating quality content with the right amount of keywords and keywords phrases. SEO content writing is thus a powerful strategy to make your website become more visible when people search for terms related to your brand.

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