SEO Services in Kenya

Akus digital solution is a full-services SEO agency in Nairobi, Kenya, we specialize in sales-focused SEO strategies to grow your business. Rank 10 keywords on the Google first page with our SEO Services in Kenya starting from Ksh. 35,000/-. Start Now. Improve your search visibility to make more online sales for your products and services. Contact us for a free SEO audit.


More Than Just- SEO Company in Kenya

Are you looking for the Best SEO Company in Kenya to grow your business? Do you want to get more customers?
We offer best SEO services in Kenya designed to deliver growth for your business. Here is what to expect from our SEO efforts:

  • Make your website rank for high-intent keywords: For example: “best laptop prices in Nairobi”, “best shop for clothes near me”, “best shop for skincare” “, best price dentist near me”, and more.
  • Get more QUALITY traffic and phone calls every day.
  • Establish your online Authority: Why is this important? To help you stay ahead of the competition longest time possible.

With Akus Digital Solution’s SEO services in Kenya, your business gets a complete solution to SEO strategy that drives traffic. Our SEO campaigns involves the practice of enhancing websites’ ranking on search engines like Google. Many factors determine the ranking of websites on search engines, such as (1) Content uniqueness, quality, and relevance, (2) Presence of quality buzz and backlinks to other websites, (3) Website design that enhances user experience and navigation, as well as the ease with which search engines can review your site.

A graphic showing SEO services in Kenya by Akus digital solution.

What Does SEO Company DO? SEO in Kenya Worth It?

In this digital era, where businesses are competing fiercely for online dominance, not having an SEO marketing strategy is like baking a cake without sugar. If you have a website that is not visible, you are missing the opportunity to engage and convert online audiences into customers. To make your products and services visible to both current and prospective customers, you need a strategic SEO Plan.
Our SEO services in Kenya are designed to help businesses increase sales while building long-term online brand authority. It is never a walk in the park to design and implement an effective SEO plan. With the help of the best SEO Company in Nairobi, Kenya , you can easily find success online with your digital marketing campaigns.

Why Choose Our SEO Company in Kenya?

Search Engine Optimization is rarely about instant results. It’s ins’t to move your website ranking to the top of a search engine overnight. SEO is a resource-intensive and time-consuming exercise. That could explain why some businesses choose to overlook SEO marketing advantages altogether, even though it may prove beneficial in the long run. Thus, to find success online with SEO strategy, you need the services of a resilient and affordable SEO services company in Kenya. At Akus Digital Solution, we understand the journey it takes to implement SEO plan successfully. We are reliable SEO Experts. Akus Digital Solution is a digital marketing agency in Kenya well-versed in the latest SEO techniques that are proven to work every time. We work with our clients to provide professional Google SEO services that are tailored to unique goals and objectives.
We are a top digital marketing agency based in Nairobi, Kenya. We have been offering quality SEO services on Kenya for more than two years and can boast of many clients who have sampled our services with 100% satisfaction. If you are looking for an SEO agency in Kenya to help put your business on top of Google, then you couldn’t have chosen a better partner than Akus Digital Solution. Our SEO experts are available 24/7 to ensure your SEO campaign is launched and monitored closely for maximum results.

Does Your Business Need SEO Marketing Services?

At Akus Digital Solution, we firmly believe that a well-executed strategic SEO plan gives value to those who visit your site. We’re experts in SEO marketing, and we take pride in doing our best to guarantee our client’s success in the online marketing goals. We are committed to implementing SEO techniques that will achieve success in the short-term and ensure sustained benefit for a long time. We incorporate both off-site and on-site optimization to design an SEO strategy that will have a lasting positive impact on your business.

An infographic showing of SEO services in Kenya as provided by Akus Digital Solution

Our professional keyword research, website audits, and content strategy skills will help place your website at the top rank of search engines. We are here to help your business escape oblivion and experience quality website traffic as more visitors get to know your products and services through search engines. We continually strive to update our SEO tools and strategies to incorporate and conform to trends and changes in the industry. We adopt a consulting-based approach to handle our clients’ SEO needs.

Types of SEO Services.

Akus Digital Solution’s SEO services are customed designed for each unique client’s needs and objective

Enterprise SEO

Our Enterprise SEO services are for businesses such as consumer brands, e-commerce startups, directory websites, and others with millions of traffic per month. The emphasis of enterprise SEO is the website indexing and scalability.

Local SEO

Our local SEO services aim at optimizing your online presence to your target audience and location. It is a strategy to make search engines interpret your website content accurately to make it easy for customers to find you.

E-Commerce SEO

Need digital marketing strategy to promote your products & services online?  Akus Digital Solution  offer e-commerce SEO services at affordable prices for businesses that wants to increase leads and generate more online sales.

Our team of SEO experts in Nairobi, will position your website where it can generate converting traffic that will help your business grow online sales. 

  • Keyword Research
  • Competititor Analysis
  • Link Building
  • Website SEO Services
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Responsive SEO ready websites
  • E-commerce SEO
  • Online shopping SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Paid Search advertising 

SEO Company Service Locations

To Help Small & Medium, size Business run a successful marketing campaign in the US,UK, Australia ,Singapore Canada & India, by providing them the tremendous potential of Online & Digital Marketing strategies and also assist them in building their customer base to strengthen relations and reach their respective goals.

👇FAQs About SEO Company in Kenya👇

Still have questions? It’s ok please feel free to contact us we’d be happy to help. 

What Does SEO Company Do?

👉SEO company will optimize your website so people can find you easily on search engines like Google. They can help you promote your product and services online organically. The most reliable SEO company in Kenya offer the following SEO services;
• Keywords research
• Website optimization
• On and OFF page SEO
Overall, the goal of SEO services is to increase your business search visibility, increase quality organic traffic, and generate more leads to sales.

Why is SEO Services in Kenya important?

👉 Research shows that more than 70% of Kenyans search the internet before buying particular products or services. More interesting, most internet users prioritize the First-page search results. For instance, if you’re running an ecommerce business selling clothes online and your website doesn’t rank for the high-intent keyword, you will lose out on the organic online sales. Without SEO, your online store is invisible. However, with the right SEO strategy, you’ll rank on target keywords that drive leads to sales.

How to choose Best SEO Company for Small Business?

👉Tips for finding the right SEO company in Kenya for small business.

Narrow your search by using free SEO tools to check their website online authority. NB: Check to see that the SEO analysis results such as DA doesn’t vary in big margins from the different SEO Tools.

Below are the best free SEO tools to use.




Visit their website to check whether they use the best SEO Practices.

  • Proper use of SEO Keywords
  • Use of natural link building strategies (Use SEO Ahref tools to check )
  • Have a professional website.
  • Have earned reviews and portfolios

This information will help you find the right SEO company in Kenya based on your business needs and goals.

Does Akus Digital Solution offer SEO services for ecommerce websites?

👉We provide Ecommerce SEO services to make your site visible to potential customers searching for your products and services. You can reach a wider audience and improve your revenue with SEO services for ecommerce. The best way to grow your business online is through SEO-targeted traffic and keywords ranking.  

Akus digital Solution SEO SERVICES FOR ecommerce website includes;

  • Technical ecommerce website SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Ecommerce PPC services
  • Ecommerce email marketing

We are an eCommerce SEO company in Kenya that delivers results. Let us help your Ecommerce business increase phone call and inquiries and convert leads into customers.

How much does SEO Services in Kenya Cost?

👉 SEO Services cost in Kenya varies on different factors such as the website technology, the size of the website, the industry, and many other factors. For instance, SEO for ecommerce businesses costs more than SEO for a small business such as a local school. WHY? Because an ecommerce website has many pages and functionalities that require optimization. Check out our pricing and charges for SEO Services pages in Kenya. Let’s discuss how we can help your business find success with SEO.