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Akus Digital Solution is a leading social media Advertising Agency in Kenya with focus on growing businesses through social media services.  Our social media advertising services can get your business to the next level whether your looking to promote your products online or make sales using social media advertising strategy.


Social Media Advertising Services in Kenya

Our social media advertising experts are skilled at designing, creating and executing social media marketing strategy across a host of social media platforms. We use social media best practices to drive targeted traffic that converts. Learn more on how our social media advertising agency can grow your online presence, build your customer loyalty, and increase sales by contacting us today on +251 771 616 234

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Social Media Platforms To Promote Your Business Online


Facebook ad management services to boost your online presence. Whether you want to promote your business on Facebook or increase more sales we create the right social media strategy for your business.


Promote your business online with a competitive Instagram advertising strategy to get more followers and prospects. Effective Instagram ads gets you more users to interact with your brand and purchase your products and services.


Social media advertising services for twitter to connect your business with current and potential customers. We create effective twitter marketing strategy with affordable twitter advertising costs to build your online audience.


Take advantage of the YouTube marketing services to reach more online audience with social media advertising services for YouTube. We create effective YouTube marketing strategy with text and video-based ads that drive traffic and conversion.


Drive more traffic to your ecommerce website. Increase sales to your ecommerce business with the right social media advertising strategy.

Why Choose Akus as your Go to Social Media Avertising Agency. 

With Akus Digital solution, your business doesn’t have to stress about managing your social media marketing campaigns. We have an experience team of content creators and graphic designers to handle everything at a go when it comes to social media ads management.   Our social media management services help drive more traffic that converts. We create unique social media strategy for each business to trigger the right response from your customers.

Hiring someone to manage social media platform for your business is not just enough for social media advertising effectiveness.  It can be a challenge to find someone who has the right skills to create social media content, design graphics, videos, and optimize social media campaigns.  Thus, working with a reliable social media advertising agency can go a long way in saving your business a significant amount of social media advertising cost.   At Akus digital solution we offer social media advertising pricing packages options that can be custom tailored to your business needs.  We have a team of social media managers who can create the right social media strategy to fit your budget.

 Not Bullshit! Just Social Media Advertising Services to Grow your Company

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