Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Social media marketing strategy involves the use of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube among others to create awareness of a brand or business to online users.  If you own a business in Kenya and are yet to embrace social media marketing, this is the best time to leverage on social media marketing strategies.

This guide has highlighted a number of social media marketing strategies that can help your business grow online presence

1. Setting up business goals

It is important to have goals that you would like to achieve as a business owner or entrepreneur so that you can identify the right social media marketing strategies that will help you achieve them. For instance, you can decide to work on increasing sales, improving website traffic or being more interactive with customers.

2. Analyzing competition

You definitely need to study your competitors in order to come up with marketing strategies that will outdo them. Take a look at their content, their approach to customers or even their business branding. From that, you can come up with better approaches that could win over their potential customers.

3. Setting up business social media accounts

You will need to create social media accounts for your business. There is Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to start with. Account creation in such platforms is not a complicated process. However, you can get such services from an Instagram marketing agency in Kenya. Not only can they create the accounts for you, they can also manage them on your behalf at a fee depending on the packages offered.

4. Promoting business social media pages/channels

Now that you have successfully created social media channels for your business, you will need to promote them. This is the process of making them known to the online community. This approach is aimed at attracting potential online-based customers. Again, this is something that a Kenyan based social media marketing agency can help with. You can even have a website designed for you by reliable kenya website experts Nairobi where links to your business social media accounts can be provided. This creates convenient access.

5. Creating the right content

After setting up social media pages for your business, you will need content that will arouse interest of your product or services in targeted users. A social media marketing tool can fail to attract positive results if there is no persuasive content to create interest in potential clients. It is advisable to get expert guidance from a reputable digital marketing agency in Kenya for effective content marketing campaigns.

6. Results measuring

It is important to keep an eye on what various social media marketing tools are achieving for your business. That way you will be able to identify areas that need improvement. If there is an agency for Social media advertising in Kenya doing it on your behalf, they can always share with you the progress made after a specific period of time.