Top 10 Digital Influencer Marketers in Kenya

by | Online Marketing

Influencer marketing in Kenya is one of the quickest ways of growing your brand awareness online by leveraging industry leaders’ popularity. According to Forbes, many businesses of all sizes are now budgeting on influencers marketing to promote their products and brand awareness to their target audiences. Influencer marketing in Kenya is quickly gaining popularity particular in hospitality, Food, and real estate industry. To keep you updated, we have compiled a list of top influencers in Kenya by Followers, Engagement Rate. But first, here is why you should consider investing in business influencers in Kenya. 

Advantages of influencer marketing in Kenya

Quickly builds trust

Influencers have well-developed relationships with their fans based on trust and credibility. Therefore, using influencers in Kenya with the high engagement rate can present your brand as trustworthy. 

Improves your brand awareness

When you start relating to an influencer’s fanbase, they will begin checking out your content, brand story, and who you are as they try to establish a fan bond. In no time, they will start sharing your information in their circles, creating a mass brand awareness campaign.

Provide value to your target audience

Having a famous YouTuber or Instagram influencers in Kenya review your products on their social media channels delivers the much-needed value straight to your targeted audience. Working with the right influencer marketing agency in Kenya can help you create engaging content and that is delivered in a manner that the audience identifies with your brand.

TOP 10 Digital Influencer marketers in Kenya

1.     Felix Odiwuor Kwothe

Industry Name: @JALANGO

Bio: Actor/ comedian/ radio presenter Milele FM/ Mwananchi Credit Ambassador/ founder Arena Marketing agency/ Best influencer in Kenya

2.     Timothy Kimani Ndegwa (Njugush)

Bio: Humor Recognition Award 2020/ YouTube Silver Play Button Award/ Geopol runners up digital comedian in Kenya/ Actor

3. Daniel Ndambuki

Stage Name: @MwalimChurchill

Bio: Comedian | Actor | Radio Host | Director

4.     Betty Kyallo

Stage Name: @BettyMkyallo

Bio: Journalist/ News Anchor/ TV host and Presenter Standard Media/ Digital Marketer/ Brand Influencer/ CEO Flair by Betty.

5.     Linet Munyali

Stage Name: @Size8reborn

Bio: Kenyan Musician/ Thespian/ Media Personality/ Brand Ambassador/ Digital Influencer

6.     Wabosha Maxine

Stage name: @waboshamaxine

Bio: content creator/ YouTube influencer/ founder boshdrip/ engineer

7.     Peter Kabi

Stage Name: @Kabiwajesus

Bio: cleric/ creative director/ content creator/

8.     Diana Murua

Stage Name: Diana Murua

Bio: Vlogger/ Business influencer Marketer/ Actor

9.     Ithagu Kibicho (Desagu)

Stage Name: @desagu

Bio: Comedian/ Actor/ Facebook Influencer in Kenya/ Zenka Digital Loans Ambassador/Star-Times Kenya Brand Ambassador

10. Erastus Ayieko Otieno (Flaqo)

Stage Name: @flaqoraz

Bio: Comedian/ Actor/ Europe Day Embassy of Sweden Ambassador/ Safaricom Brand Ambassador/ Naivas Kenya Ambassador/ Communications Authority of Kenya Ambassador/ Study in Australia Fair Ambassador