Top 10 Online Jobs in Kenya Paying through MPESA

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Online Jobs in Kenya Paying Through Mpesa. 

Most people are searching for online jobs in Kenya using smartphone. The good news is that, there are many websites that offer online jobs given that you can offer the right skills.  The search for online jobs ends here with the following list of online jobs in Kenya paying via Mpesa.

High paying online jobs in Kenya

Part time online jobs from home.

1. Transcribing Jobs in Kenya. 

You can do transcription jobs from home in Kenya and get pay through Mpesa. All you need is a computer or a smartphone and fast internet connections. The following are sites where you can get genuine transcription jobs in Kenya that pay through Mpesa. They include; Fiverr, Upwork, Gotranscript,  The above online platforms offer great opportunity for beginners to get started and earn competitive rates. Online transcribing jobs in Kenya pays upto to Ksh 6 per video minutes. Anyone can earn real money with online transcription jobs whether you’re thinking of an online job career or some beer money.

2. Article Writing 

Looking for article writing jobs in Kenya to work from home? Well, article writing is one of the online jobs from home you can engage in and end up making a decent living. Article writing examples include; Copy writing jobs, creating quality websites content, writing product reviews, social media content, and many other online writing tasks. For beginners, try out article writing accounts like Upwork, Fiverr. Hired, and many more. Expect flexible payment options such as PayPal or even direct Mpesa transfer.

3. Filling Online Survey 

If you have ever filled in an online survey before, you should think about taking it seriously. You stand to make up to Ksh 3500 per hour on survey platforms like Survey Junkie, Prize Level, Respondent, and many more. The interviews can be through video chats, over the phone, or just an online form filling. This online job also fits in the category of online jobs in Kenya using smartphone because most of the sites are mobile-friendly.

4. Data Entry Jobs

Online typing jobs are the easiest to do as they don’t require any professional expertise other than impressive typing speed. Online data entry jobs in Kenya may not be the best in terms of hourly pay but they are better than not doing anything all. However, if you try out sites like Clickworker and DionData solutions you can make a maximum of up to $16 per hour.

5. Social Media Marketing 

If you spend significant time on various social media platforms every day, you might as make income from social media marketing in Kenya. There are brands looking for social media managers, to serve as their voice on their business pages. It is all about promoting brands and connecting with potential and loyal customers through interactions.

6. Blogging

Blogging is all about choosing a niche you think you will enjoy writing about and creating a website to get started. The niche can be about fitness and health, travel, lifestyle and fashion, cryptocurrency, or anything. As one of the online jobs Kenya, blogging could earn you money from sponsored posts, advertising, or affiliate marketing.

7. Photography

How is this linked to online jobs you ask? It is all about snapping quality photos about almost anything (food, business, nature, etc.) and selling them on stock photography platforms like Adobe stock or Foap. You can also decide to create a website for your stock photography and sell it from there.

8. Graphic design/Illustrator

Are you good at drawing and digital art in general? You could be on your way to making good money per month from creating customized cards (weddings, business, etc.), portraits, eBook covers among other things. For online graphic design jobs in Kenya, visit sites like Fiverr & Upwork.

9. Web Design and Development

Web design Kenya is on the rise, with many brands seeking web design professionals to create websites for their businesses. For such a thriving venture, it pays well if you have great web design skills to showcase.

10. Resume Writer

There are so many graduates looking to apply for open jobs now and then, and most of them do not have the most impressive resumes. For that reason, there will always be a demand for resume polishers to make their resumes career-presentable. If you can fill that gap, head on to sites like WriterBay or ResumeEdge and get started.

We do not offer online jobs or online job training. This article only gives you an overview of some of the most common paying online jobs in Kenya. The content is to help expose job seekers to online job opportunities.


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