Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in Kenya (With Great Experience)

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Best Online Shopping Sites in Kenya

Online shopping sites have made it a possibility to shop for almost anything online, from clothing, electronics, foodstuff and beverages, cars, and even real estate. There is undeniable comfort and satisfaction with online shopping, especially when people can save some time and money. Here is a list of best online shopping sites compiled by Akus Digital Solution a top online marketing consultant in Kenya.

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The Top 10 Online Shopping Websites include;

1. Jumia

Jumia is probably the brand that most people will mention if you ask them about online shopping sites in Kenya. The platform’s popularity stems from the ability to pay after delivery and also enabling customers to shop for items in different categories; beauty and health products, electronics, phones and tablets, office and home furniture, fashion, gaming, etc.

2. Jiji

Jiji is an online shopping platform where buyers meet sellers and vice versa. Jiji sellers can advertise their stuff for free on the marketplace but with the option of upgrading to premium advertising if they want their ads prioritized on the platform. Buyers can buy anything from this ecommerce site, including cars, furniture, bags, phones, and anything else posted by the sellers.  

3. Kilimall

Kilimall is more like Jumia, but their items are relatively pocket-friendly compared to Jumia’s. Also, unlike in Jumia, buyers in Kilimall have to pay for an item first and then wait for delivery. Kilimall also offers items in different categories, including fashion, cosmetics, phones, electronics, etc. Like most online shopping platforms, Kilimall also offers flash sales, Black Friday sales, and other promotional deals from time to time.

4. Masoko

Masoko online marketplace belongs to Safaricom company which launched it back in 2017 to offer its customers a range of tech and fashion products. You can find all sorts of mobile phones and accessories at Masoko. The platform is known for offering genuine products, which explains their higher prices compared to other platforms. Look out for Masoko deals from time to time.

5. Sky Garden

Sky Garden is an ecommerce platform that allows business owners to register for free and sell their products and services online. Customers within Nairobi and its environs are assured of same-day delivery services after making purchases. Sky Garden is among the best online shopping sites for clothes in Kenya where you can shop new collections of clothing, footwear, accessories, beauty products and more for both men and women. The site also has monthly deals that buyers can take advantage of. Buyers can shop for home appliances, phones, clothes, furniture, etc., on the platform.

6. Carrefour

Carrefour supermarket has made it effortless for its customers to shop at the comfort of their homes. The platform makes shopping more convenient to buyers who do not have time to queue in the physical outlets. Also, shoppers can order items (groceries, electronics, TVs, laptops, etc.) online and pick them later at their preferred Carrefour branch if they don’t want items delivered to them.

7. Copia

Copia is already taking the online marketplace by storm. Copia stands out among the rest because customers from the remotest parts of the country can order items in bulk from Copia and have them delivered within a specified time. Some of the product categories available at Copia include construction materials, farm tools, and products, health and beauty products, etc.

8.Auto Check

Looking for an online shopping website that deals with both brand new and partly used cars? Cheki is the platform to visit and compare available car models and prices. You can also find automotive spare parts on the platform, and there is also a chance to connect with credit suppliers. The platform lists all the information you need on a particular car; vehicle type, price, year of manufacture, mileage, etc.

9. Naivas Online Supermarket

Naivas is one of the most promising retail shops currently, with branches in almost all towns across the country. Apart from their physical outlets, the growing supermarket has a functional online site where shoppers can order anything from their over 60,000 listed items. Naivas site offers various products, from baby products, electronics, fresh food and grocery, health and beauty products, etc.

10. Shopit

Shopit is one of the online shopping apps where online shoppers can find a range of computers, phones, and tablets. Besides operating as an online tech shop, Shopit also offers items in other categories like sports and fitness, gifts, medical supplies, electrical appliances, etc.

Other Upcoming online shops.

Online shopping websites offers the convenience of browsing and comparing price on a wide range of products from the comfort of your home. Additionally, online shopping saves you from the the hustle and bustle of traffic, thus saving you valuable time and money. From wholesale online shops in Kenya to electronics, clothing, and groceries, you can purchase an item at the click of a button.

However, navigating the realm of trusted online shops in Kenya can quickly become an overwhelming journey of choices. To choose the best online shopping site in Kenya, you must consider Key factors such as convenient order & delivery, reliable refund policy, and secure payment options.

Thus, to ease your online shopping experience, we’ve curated another list of the best upcoming online shops in Kenya.

11. Ovostore Kenya.

Ovostore is one of the most promising and upcoming online shopping sites in Kenya. It has great deals featuring endless range of products at affordable rates. What’s even better? The online shop has the best price match guarantee policy, ensuring you get the best product prices compared to other key online sellers.

12. Saruk Digital Solutions

Saruk Digital Solutions is a reputable electronics online shopping shop with stores in Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya. They sell a wide range of digital products, including laptops, phones, iPhones, TVs, cameras, and printers from trusted brands like HP, Samsung, and Asus. They have a great team that offers quality customer support for various tech needs in Kenya’s bustling market. 

13. MamaMikes

MamaMikes is a cutting-edge online shopping platform revolutionizing the Kenyan online shopping scene. The online store helps bridge the gap between the Kenyans in the diaspora and their loved ones at home through a wide range of online shopping experiences for items such as airtime, family shopping, romantic hampers, and cultural items. With the convenience of a smartphone, you can order these thoughtful gifts and essentials from the website.

14. AirDuka

AirDuka is among the best upcoming online shopping platforms in Kenya, offering various products to cater to your needs. The online shopping hub boasts diverse products to meet every requirement, all conveniently and easily accessible through their user-friendly interface.

Online Shopping Advantages

The following are the advantages of online shopping:

1. Convenience

Online shopping is convenient in the sense that you can make purchases anytime and from anywhere. For instance, if you need clothes, there are several  online shopping sites for clothes to visit for variety in fashion and latest trends. You only need to master your body size and measurements for you to order the right clothes.

2. Saves time & Money

Online shopping saves you time and money, enabling you to avoid the hassle of traveling to physical stores in person to make purchases. There are plenty of discounts and offers to take advantage of when shopping online, thus saving you some money.

3. Stress-Free Shopping Experience

If you choose to shop online, you avoid the disturbance and distractions created by sales representatives persuading buyers to buy certain items and you may end up buying stuff you had not budgeted for.

4. Privacy

Shopping online offers buyers the privacy they need when shopping because they don’t physically visit shops. All that online shoppers are required to do is identify or select items they are interested in, agree on payment terms, and leave the rest to the sellers.

5. Variety/Plenty of Options

Most online shopping eCommerce websites offer a variety of products and services to their customers. Buyers can, therefore, browse through various item categories and compare prices on different platforms before making final decisions.


With over 75 percent of website traffic generated from smartphones, online shopping apps and online shoppers continue to increase. Shopping online is only fulfilling when the right platforms are involved. Recently, there has been an influx of cons (some create fake sites that look almost similar to the official ones) online posing as genuine sellers. Several other online shopping platforms in Kenya have not been listed here but are genuine, so it’s up to you as a buyer to do due diligence before making an online purchase, especially where pay before delivery and non-return/refund policies apply.

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