Top 5 Digital Marketing Jobs in Kenya ( Best Paying)

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Are you considering a career in the digital marketing field or online jobs in Kenya? The fast-paced growth of internet connectivity and the meticulous evolution of digital technology have provided an ideal avenue for digital marketing jobs in Kenya. This has created an expansive employment opportunity to those with digital marketing skills, most of which can be learnt online.

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is essentially the art of getting people to know and buy your product or service. When you do this through a online platforms, it becomes digital marketing.  Today, dozens of digital marketing niches have greatly replaced billboard kind of advertisements. These niches include websites, social media ads, emails and more.  If you are getting started, it is prudent to subscribe to a digital marketing course and gain the skills needed to secure entry-level jobs in the industry.

Skills for Digital Marketing Entry Jobs

Marketing Funnel.

The journey a customer goes through from the first contact with the product or service to becoming a repeat buyer is referred to as marketing funnel. Therefore, as a beginner, you should be able to establish a level in the customer’s journey you want to influence. 

  • Will you initiate the customer’s first contact with the product?
  • Will you build customer’s trust in the company?
  • Will you influence the customer to make a purchase?

For instance, blog managers introduce the products to the customers through product reviews, whereas, paid ads specialists convince these prospects into actually buying the product.

Data Analysis and Optimization.

The art of marketing revolves around attracting the customers and keeping them. There are infinite ways of achieving this: YouTube videos, social media ads, E-mails, blogs posts webinars, paid ads, and many more. As a digital marketer, you need to analyze data from all these modes of marketing as they can be costly if they are not yielding proper results. Analysis of data will enable you to optimize the methods which are doing well and cut-off the ones that are not effective.

After mastering these skills, it’s time now to put them to test. Here are selected digital marketing jobs in Nairobi and anywhere else in the world.

1. Content Manager.

Content managers establish the first contact with prospective customers. For these reason, they are key players in any viable digital marketing strategy.

Content managers achieve this through blog posts, e-books, infographics and downloadable white papers.

2. SEO Specialist.

Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated as SEO, is another crucial digital marketing component. SEO specialists work hand in hand with content managers and Social media managers to create content that ranks high on search engines such as Google.

As an SEO and digital marketer, you must have relevant data analysis and content optimization skills.

3. Social Media Manager.

Digital marketing companies in Kenya are investing heavily in social media marketing as the number of users on these platforms rises daily. A social media manager runs the company’s social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by posting relevant content and ads as well as responding to customers.

4. Paid Ads Manager.

Paid advertisement is the most effective way of getting inbound visits to your website. As a paid ads manager, you should be conversant with different paid ads techniques

  • Display ads: Appear on popular websites as banners
  • Social media ads: Appear on Social media platforms as sponsored content
  • Search ads: Appears on Google search when you search for related keywords

5. Web Designer and Developer

As Kenyan businesses rush to establish their authority on the internet, there is an increasing demand for web designers and developers. Web designers create and maintain websites through regular updates. Web Design Kenya is among the most in demand skills for online jobs in Kenya.  


Digital marketing in Kenya has many entry-level job opportunities for those with relevant skills. With the continued expansion of internet connectivity, digital marketing is expected to continue with an upward trend in the coming years.