Top 7 Best Facebook ads agencies in Kenya

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Facebook Ads Agencies in Kenya.

Facebook advertising, also known as Facebook ads, offers one of the most powerful targeted forms of online advertising.  Facebook ads cost is less expensive compared to other Paid advertising strategies. However, creating an effective Facebook ad is not just a walk in the park; it requires good research and analytical skills. That’s why most businesses consider hiring the services of a Facebook ads agencyTo help you choose the best Facebook ads agency, we have made a list of the top 7 best Facebook ads agencies in Kenya.

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1. Akus Digital Solution 

Akus’s Facebook ads agency pricing is pocket-friendly with packages such as Facebook and Instagram ads, a Full-funnel strategy, as well as conversion-focused assets. They are bent on getting qualified prospects directly through social media advertising with a return on investment in mind.

This Facebook ads marketing agency will help you find purchase-ready customers through social media ads and expand your online market reach to increase sales. Want to know how much do agencies charge for Facebook ads? Check out Akus digital solution’s Facebook advertising packages Pricing from Ksh 35,000.

2.  Growthpad Digital Consulting 

Growthpad digital consulting agency prides itself in delivering quality and consistent results to businesses that seek their services. They can maximize return on investment by leveraging the power of Facebook ads to produce measurable results.

Their experienced team handles Facebook ads strategies with the urgency and articulation required, enabling them to reach Facebook’s potential user base that converts to customers. Brands can rely on their team’s expertise anytime, where no middlemen are involved.

3. Bean Interactive

Bean Interactive continues to serve clients from all parts of Kenya by offering a range of digital solutions, including Facebook advertising services.

Their brilliant team works with the right tools to solve brand growth and revenue-related problems. They can carry out demographic targeting and rely on result-oriented Facebook advertising strategies like Facebook ads and influencer marketing.

4. Digilab Marketing Agency

This Facebook ads agency in Kenya believes in turning clicks into clients and browsers into buyers. With that, brands and business owners in Kenya entrust them to offer Facebook advertising services that guarantee conversions and customer retention.

They can determine the content worth sharing and integrate Facebook ads with other digital marketing strategies (SEO, PPC, etc) aligned to the brand for maximum ROI impact.

5.  Arriglen Company Limited

Arriglen’s online advertising company has a digital team that can target qualified audiences on Facebook and other social media platforms. They prioritize carrying out a digital audit to create a custom Facebook advertising strategy that will generate desired results.
Some of the Facebook ads services offered by Arriglen include social media ads management, running Facebook ads Manager accounts, and influencer marketing and management.

6. East Africa Digital Marketers

Since its inception in 2012, the East Africa Digital Marketers agency has relied on tools meant to bring the best out of social media marketing and other digital marketing strategies. East Africa Digital Marketers will work with you to understand your goals and target audience to create a custom Facebook ads strategy for your business.

7. Morph Visuals

Morph Visuals carries its digital campaigns from Nairobi, linking brands with prospects from all corners of the internet. Through their Facebook advertising campaigns, they have been able to help generate leads for various brands and help them dominate online.

Their services can meet clients’ objectives based on their budgets. Facebook ads management is just one under their digital marketing services umbrella.

Facebook Ads Agency in Kenya for Small Business

Facebook Ads for small businesses can deliver similar results just as it works for big ones. Small businesses (both startups and already established ones) in Kenya can choose any of the highlighted above Facebook add agencies to find new customers and increase sales while at it.

Facebook ads costs shouldn’t hinder small business owners from seeking advertising services because Facebook advertising is one of the most affordable digital marketing strategies. Also, some digital marketing agencies in Kenya offer friendly rates and can deliver quality work within the client’s budget.

Facebook Ads Agency Services

Some of the services offered by Facebook ads agencies include running Facebook ads, Facebook ads manager account, and influencer marketing. Facebook ads take different forms, such as image ads or video ads. The ads are exposed to potential buyers operating on Facebook. On the other hand, influencer marketing involves partnering with influencers who have a dedicated social following to endorse or mention products on behalf of brands.


Facebook ads is both effective and affordable. Kenyans are highly active on Facebook, and thus businesses need to have a robust Facebook advertising strategy. All businesses, big and small, can benefit from choosing the right Facebook ads agency in Kenya for their Facebook ads management. When done the correct way, Facebook ads can be the breakthrough or the push your business requires to thrive online. Go for it. Hire the best Facebook ads agency based on your business goals and needs. 


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