TSC Payslips Online Download (5 Easy Steps)

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How To Download TSC Payslips Online

The Teachers Service Commission (Tsc) has embraced online services just like other institutions in Kenya. On that account, you can access your Tsc payslips online and download it with sheer simplicity. The best part is that you can view such vital information via your mobile phone or laptop. 

Here are five easy steps to download tsc payslip online via T-Pay.

1. Visit the TSC Payslips Online Portal 

For starters, you need to visit the TSC payslip online login page through the link below 👇


Once you click on the link, you should see the tsc payslip login widow as shown in the image below.

An image of tsc online login page created by Akus Digital Solution

(An image of TSC payslip login page at https://tpay.tsc.go.ke/)

If you’ve registered before, enter your TSC number and password at the login tab.

2. Register for a T-Pay Account (First-Time Users)

If you are a first-time user, you need to register before accessing your TSC payslip. Click on the “Registration/Activate Account” button and fill an online form. Bear in mind that you should enter the correct information to complete your registration.

How to register and download tsc payslip online

Here are details required during registration:

  • Full names
  • ID number
  • TSC number
  • Mobile number
  • Pay station code
  • Date of birth
  • Valid email address
  • Active bank account number
  • KRA tax PIN
  • Designation code

For security purposes, you will answer a secret question that helps in recovering your account when you forget your password. Also, remember to confirm your password to complete the registration process.

Always remember that providing false information can lead to de-registration. The first initial of your name should be in the upper case to avoid getting an invalid username.

It’s easy to check your registration status through the portal if it was successful or not.

3. Login

After registration, you can now enter your username and password on the tsc payslip online login page . In this case, the username can be your tsc number or ID number. Once you successful login, you’ll get to view your tsc online account window as shown below;

An image of tsc payslip account uploaded by akus digital solution

4. Tsc Payslip View & Download

Once you log in, you can view tsc payslips online to verify the details. Simply click on “View Payslip” to have a glimpse of the records.

In addition to that, you can check your current status through the “View Your Details” button.

After that, navigate to the Online Services tab and click on the Online Payslips button to begin downloading. Thankfully, the Tsc provides payslips for different months. Thus, you can choose a specific payslip to download.

5. Log Out

After downloading your payslip TSC online, make to log out of your account. This action safeguards all your sensitive and confidential information.


If you ever forget your password, you can always reset it using the following procedure.

You can also change your password for enhanced security. Consider using numbers, symbols, upper case, and lower case letters. Plus, your password should be at least eight characters to be a strong one.

Tsc payslip password reset window page

(An image of TSC payslip password recovery window page at https://tpay.tsc.go.ke/)

Final Thoughts

It’s now easy to access your tsc payslips through teachers’ online services. If you have any issues or questions, you can email the support department through payslips@tsc.go.ke./. For effective assistance, please include your full names, TSC number, and the challenge you’re facing in the email. The problem could be an invalid date of birth or account number.

Moreover, you can still seek professional online services from trusted digital agencies, and online consultancies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Teachers Service commission of Kenya?

The Teachers service commission of Kenya (TSC) is an independent commission established under Article 237 of the Kenyan constitution. TSC is mandated to manage human resources within the education sector.

What is the role of TSC in Kenya?

TSC in Kenya has four mains roles which includes;

  1. reviewing the standards of education and training of persons entering the teaching service;
  2. reviewing the demand for and supply of teachers;
  3. advising the national government on matters relating to the teaching profession; and
  4. establishing and maintaining a teaching service adequate to the needs of public learning institutions in Kenya.

How do I log in to my TSC Payslip?

  1. Visit the TSC’S Website(https://www.tsc.go.ke/
  2. Click on the (online services tab) and choose “ (T-pay) in the dropdown menu. 
  3. A login window will popup prompting you to enter your details to view your payslip. 

How do I get a copy of my payslip?

You can quickly get a copy of your TSC payslip by typing the following link https://tpay.tsc.go.ke/. You’ll get a window that prompts you to key in your login information. Once you log in, click on View Payslip. You can filter the tsc payslip you want and click the download button on the document.

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