What is a social media ads campaign? Ways to increase social media sales

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Before we dive into social media ads, we need to understand the difference between social media marketing and social media advertising.

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to engage with your audience, build your brand, drive web traffic, and increase sales. This involves uploading good content on social media, applying strategies to grow your following, and running ads.

Social media advertising, on the other hand, is paying for your social presence by promoting content on social platforms. Over the years, digital marketers have noticed a decline in organic reach for brands due to changes in Social media algorithms, prompting marketers to invest in online ads to meet organizational goals.

A social media ad campaign is paid for content on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, intended to achieve a particular goal such as page likes, engagement, or conversions like web traffic or event registrations.  However, while all social media platforms offer advertising options. Furthermore, it does not mean that you should use them all. Your business goals should help you determine what platforms are best to set up ads on. Otherwise, you’ll end up overspending on ads without getting the desired results.

Ways to increase sales on social media 

You’ll need to implement different social media marketing strategies in order to make sales online. Here’s how you can get started.

  • Create content that your audience will engage with.

This involves taking quality pictures that will prompt your customers to take action. Every like, share, retweet, or even a follow goes a long way in creating brand awareness and generating sales leads.

  • Setting up Ads.

Boost your best content so that it reaches a wider relevant audience. Social media ads have proven to turn visitors into leads and customers.

  • Influencer marketing.

Influencers have become a vital part of online marketing, especially on leading social media platforms. Partnering with either top influencers or micro-influencers in Kenya or who have a large presence and authority within your industry can help influence customers’ purchasing decisions.

Can social media marketing boost sales?

With the right social media sales strategy in place, your business can attract visitors who convert to purchasing customers. Social media is a free and easy way to increase brand awareness. Prospective clients get to know about you and see your work before making a purchasing decision. To an extent, it acts as a portfolio of you and what you’ve done. If you want to get more conversions from social media, it’s advisable to set a budget for social media ads. However, creating a successful social media ads campaigns requires digital marketing skills to ensure you achieve intended goals without overspending. 

How social media marketing increases sales

Social media marketing increases sales by putting your business in front of millions of people who become purchasing customers. You’ll need the right tools and strategies to make sure your content reaches the right people, those who are most likely to interact and take action on your business.  Consider social media advertising which is beneficial on both direct and indirect revenue.

For instance, online shopping has become second to nature for a lot of consumers and businesses. Setting up an ad can put your content in front of the right audience.  Exploring different marketing strategies such as collaborating with brands and influencers increase visibility and solidify brand authority. 

For instance, putting up sale incentives through discounts and giveaways is another great way to attract even more buying customers.

Strategy for social media sales

In order to make sales on social media, you have to be proactive with your efforts.

Here are some strategies you can implement in order to boost sales on social.

  • Identify your target market.

Do some research and identify who your target audience is. Conducting a competitor analysis helps you identify who your competitors are selling to. You can also get insights about who your customers are and where they spend their time online inbuilt social media analytics tools like Facebook Insights.

  • Curate great content

Content is king. Create content that your customers will want to engage with. Most importantly, make sure the content is great, and the captions are catchy complete with calls to actions and value prepositions.

  • Promote content 

Set a budget aside for social media advertisements. Be sure to promote content that has already performed well organically.

  • Work with influencers 

Identify top influencers in your industry and engage them to help you increase business sales.

Types of social media sales

There are a lot of businesses that can make sales through social media marketing: Below are some example fo business that can hugely benefit from social media ads.

Consumer Goods

Restaurants, Hotels, Coffee Shops, Food manufacturing companies, and cloud kitchens can market and sell delectable meals via social media platforms.


Product vendors such who sell items as clothes, beauty products, electronics, Autospares, building materials, online stores, toys and so much more. In addition, businesses in the construction and manufacturing industry, Engineering and Oil and Gas can also use social media for brand visibility and sales leads.


Service providers such as Real Estate services, hospitality and tourism, financial institutions, (Banks, Sacco, Insurance services providers, etc.,), hospitals, transportation, entertainment, can reach potential customers and close sales via social media. In addition, educational Institutions such as primary Schools, Universities and Colleges leverage on social media to inform and attract potential students.

Apps for social media sales

In order to get the most out of your marketing efforts, you need to identify the social media apps that align with your business goals. Every platform has its own niche in terms of user experience and functionality. For example, Instagram is a highly visual platform that works best for business with physical products, while Twitter attracts thought provoking opinions. 

Examples of social media sales

There’s a reason why over 90% of the top brands in Kenya are on major social media platforms. While making sales via social media was once a sure bet, today most businesses are on social media and it’s becoming increasingly competitive. However, social media sales are quickly becoming a reality for companies willing to put in the effort it deserves. For example,  Mali Kali leverages social media advertising in Kenya on Instagram to sell affordable fashion dresses.  

Social media sales funnel

A social media sales funnel is the path that your customers travel through from the minute they get to know about your brand online to the moment they make a purchase. The ideal social media funnel comes to an end when a customer becomes a true advocate of your brand.

The sales funnel framework that applies to most businesses is outlined below:

  • Awareness – Potential customers become aware that your business exists.
  • Familiarity – engaging with your audience and standing out from competition so that your new followers remember you.
  • Consideration – Consumers ask questions and express interest in your business over your competitors.
  • Action – compel users to take action and make a purchase.
  • Purchase – customers contact your business for purchases or click on the “buy now” buttons.
  • Loyalty – Continued engagement with your brand after purchase.

Social media sales funnels can help you build trust and create an authentic community

of fans. Investing in each step of the framework will help your brand continue to grow.


Social media advertising is an essential aspect in business. It largely helps your brand reach a lot more people. With the right advertising campaign and clear knowledge on who to target, you are bound to get sales leads.

Getting started with social media ads is essential for the following reasons:

  • Drives targeted traffic to your website
  • Generates more sales for your business
  • Grows your brand online

Setting up and monitoring ad campaigns can be a bit of a task. However, enlisting the help of a professional digital marketer can help you use strategies that will bring you a good return on investment.  Get in touch with Akus Digital Solution to get help in executing your online advertising strategies.