Top 7 Online Marketing Companies in Kenya

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Best Online Marketing Agency in Kenya

Digital marketing services in Kenya have risen in demand because business owners have seen how impactful it is to advertise their businesses online. In Kenya alone, the number of people with access to online services is almost half its population. This places Kenyan entrepreneurs at an advantage should they choose to advertise their businesses online.

Back to Google digital marketing, if you conduct some simple Google search on “advertising agencies in Kenya list,” you will get overwhelmed by the numbers of already established digital marketing companies in the country. However, each company has its way of delivering its services. They may vary in packages pricing and also the services they offer. Let’s take a look at some of the most sought after digital marketing agencies in Kenya:

1. Akus Digital Solution

When looking for the best advertising agencies in Kenya, you might as well consider hiring Akus Digital Solution. Why? They have a range of online marketing solutions that include web design and development, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO & SEM, and other professional services. The agency boasts an experienced team of experts who pride in offering quality yet affordable services. Whatever your online marketing need, Akus’s team of professionals are always ready to help you achieve your digital marketing goals. With Akus Digital solution, you stand to get affordable digital marketing services.

2. Afritech Media

Based in Nairobi, Afritech Media is a digital marketing company that offers its clients professional Logo Design services, SEO, web design, and development, among other benefits.

3. Digilab Marketing Agency

Digilab Marketing Agency has a diversified portfolio where they offer professional Search Engine Optimization services, with other services like social media marketing and web design.

4. Bean Interactive

This digital company also identifies itself as a full-service agency. They have a range of digital marketing solutions that go from lead generation, web design and development, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and more.

5. Dotsavvy

Another online marketing agency that is one of the most sought after digital marketing companies in Kenya, Dotsavvy, has several services under its wing, including mobile application development, social media marketing, and web design development. Photography and web hosting are other services you can get from Dotsavvy.

6. Growthpad Digital Consulting

Growthpad dubs as a digital marketing and cinematography/animation company. They also offer business development & strategy services. Their industry-tailored services result in real business performance.

7. Jamii Web Designs

Jamii web designs are one of the advertising agencies in Kenya. Going by their name, web designing is their primary specialty. Among other services, the company offers include SEO services, Mobile applications, and e-commerce website development.

The above are top online advertising agencies in Kenya, and the list could be longer because there has been a significant increase in digital marketing Kenya agencies recently. It is important to note that you have various factors to consider depending on your business goals in choosing the best online marketing company in Kenya.