Understanding SEO Consultancy in Kenya

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SEO Marketing

Are you looking to hire an SEO consultant in Kenya? Using the best SEO Company is necessary if you need result-driven digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing is a productive effort accounted to any business with the desire to succeed in this digital era. SEO experts in Kenya will tell you that investment in your digital marketing campaigns and strategies is good for your turnaround and customer acquisition, experience and retention.

Whilst hiring SEO expert will revamp your business, ensure you hire a skilled and professional consultant who uses white hat methods. Like they say, garbage in garbage out, and if you want success, earn it by investing in it. After all, content is indeed king, or is it key?

SEO Consulting Kenya

Search engine optimization involves the analysis, review, revamping and improvement of websites and the performance of search engine ranking. An SEO consultant is tasked with the auditing of the website and provision of optimization recommendations that lead to higher ranking organic search engine results. With better ranking comes more website clicks which increases traffic as well as credible leads and sales.

SEO consulting in Nairobi Kenya has evolved to incorporate skills that focus on content strategy and semantic keywords. Here are a few pointers to help you chose an effective SEO Consultant:

The SEO consultant should:

  • Understand the needs of the target audience

  • Be innovative and possess reliable skills
  • Be techy savvy to establish a functional website
  • Be social media savvy
  • Have accountability especially in fulfilling responsibilities and deliverables
  • Understands your position in terms of costs, contenders, goals and viable risks
  • Use white hat SEO methods

 SEO Services Benefits

IS SEO effective? Should I invest in SEO expert consultancy for my business? What are the SEO costs in Kenya? Understanding SEO is tricky when you are just starting out and yet so simple. If you are asking yourself these questions, then i bet you are considering understanding the basics of SEO . It is time you found out the benefits of SEO to your business.

  • SEO Increases Sales
  • SEO Boosts Lead Generation
  • SEO Raises Brand Recognition
  • Better User Experience
  • Better Cost Management compared to other marketing strategies
  • Builds Brand Credibility
  • Establish Brand Awareness and creates potential market share
  • Ensures Mobile-Friendliness of Your Website
  • SEO Can Be a Long-Term Marketing Strategy
  • Increases social media following and engagement

SEO Charges

The overall SEO charges for website in Kenya vary according to the firm’s experience, skills and expertise of the niche, SEO services and expense incurred on tools and software. As a business owner, you need to understand which SEO services will work for you. This can be done using the following steps

  • Auditing the website
  • Conducting a keyword research
  • Optimizing or re-optimizing the website to suite your goals and objectives

To optimize a website, you may want to consider the following steps

  • Creating fast and easy to use website
  • Using optimized content
  • Having fully functional website links and valuable outbound links
  • Using the right visuals with the correct alt

SEO Services Near Me

Now that I know that my brand needs SEO consultancy service, how do I find a reliable service provider? Well, there is a difference between hiring an SEO consultant, and hiring the best SEO consultant. Some of the pointers that will help you get the best services include:

  • Use your network for recommendations
  • Search for top-rated SEO consultants
  • Use third-party SEO consultants websites to read reviews
  • Look into networking events
  • Review SEO Blogs


The bottom-line is that, SEO is an important part of marketing strategy. In addition, it provides your brand not only limitless opportunities in creating brand awareness, but also promoting loyalty and increasing sales.