Guide to Online Marketing in Kenya: Top 7 Online Marketing strategies.

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Online Marketing in Kenya

Online marketing involves the art of using digital tools and techniques to increase your brand’s online presence. Understanding and implementing online marketing strategies is essential to the success of nearly every business that needs to sell products and services online. Creating an effective online marketing strategy involves several steps, including researching your target audience and determining the best online marketing platform to use. This article will explore the most effective online marketing strategies for increasing your business’s online presence and growth.

Top 7 Best Online Marketing Strategies.

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1. SEO

Without a doubt, SEO is one of the most effective online marketing strategies to increase online presence, but only when done professionally. With potential customers actively searching for local services and products information online, SEO helps rank your site high on search engines like Google, making it easy for users to end up in your buying funnel. 

2.  PPC/Paid Media

PPC advertising offers a unique opportunity to quickly boost your content in front of thousands of internet users. In addition, the PPC advertising benefits are; high ROI, cost-effectiveness, and results-driven. PPC online marketing strategy is cost-effective because you only pay for the number of clicks on placed ads. Users click on ads with keywords related to your products and services. In summary, PPC is a go-to strategy if you want a quick boost to your brand awareness and increase online sales.

3. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is an online marketing strategy that helps attract customers by tailoring web content to specific customers or demographics. Content marketing involves various forms of content such as blog posts, videos, infographics, freebies, etc., to successfully keep users engaged. Most online users follow brands that provide quality content. For example, you can create a blog article that illustrates how your products can solve a problem for your target demographics. In addition to keeping the target audiences informed, content marketing can also increase web traffic and generate sales.  

4. Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing involves using various social media platforms to connect and engage with your target audience. You can use this online marketing strategy to increase traffic to your website and drive more sales. The most popular social media platforms used for online marketing include Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, and TikTok. Providing promotional and informational content on social media will help you increase conversions and improve customer retention rates.

5.  Email Marketing 

Email marketing is one of the most effective online marketing tools used for various purposes. Many companies use email marketing to promote products and services, sales offers, events, and launch new products, among many other reasons. The advantage of email marketing is that you can generate website traffic by directing including links to the company’s website on the email.

Email marketing for beginners; Here are the types of email marketing campaigns you can create.

  • Welcoming new customers,
  • Weekly subscription newsletter, For example, blog, tips, etc.
  • Promotions.
  • Loyalty programs information
  • Follow-up emails. And more

6. Influencers Marketing 

Influencer marketing is one of the top effective strategies for online marketing. Strategies used include partnering and networking with influencers, bloggers, and online marketing platforms. Given their huge number of followers, influencers help create brand awareness to their followers who convert to buyers. Several digital influencer marketers have made a name for themselves in online marketing Kenya, and you can always find someone who falls within your business goals and budget. For example, several eCommerce platforms in Kenya, Such as Jumia, and Naivas supermarket, have dramatically increased their sales and reach by turning to the recent influencer marketing trends as one of their primary online marketing strategies.

7. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of optimizing various site pages (homepage, pricing, services, landing, blogs pages, etc.) for conversions. CRO is meant to add more visitors to your site, convert them to buyers and help you to retain them. The optimization can persuade users to create an account, register for a webinar, subscribe to emails, or even better, close a sale. CRO campaigns can work independently without compromising other online marketing strategies.  

Who Can Use Online Marketing?

If you’re a business owner, you’ve already felt the need to have a robust online marketing strategy. Nearly everyone who wants to sell products or services online from small businesses, large companies, and organizations can use online marketing in Kenya to increase their online reach and growth.

For example, an eCommerce business can use the above internet marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition and increase online sales. A local store can leverage the power of internet marketing to sell clothes online and promote online store sales. Almost all entrepreneurs can benefit from using any of the above internet marketing strategies. If you’re still not sure where to start, you can consult a digital marketing agency in Kenya to help you choose the best online marketing platform that can give the best results.